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Bortoluzzi vs. Mörgeli or: The mummies return

Tony Bortolucci (SVP / ZH), left, receives in 2014 from Hans-Peter Portman (FDP / ZH), a center, on behalf of all factions, a towel for his gay statements. Photo: KEYSTONE

Bortoluzzi vs. Mörgeli or: The mummies return

The Swiss SVP man Tony Bortolucci was mocking years ago about Christophe Morgellie: He must rather withdraw and clean the bones in his museum. Now the two scandals are coming back to save SVP from the climate.

Henry Habeger / h media

The two heavy-duty SVPs had disappeared for various reasons in the sinking.

Carpenter Tony Bortolucci (72) resigned at the end of 2015 after a quarter of a century in the National Council because behind him are ambitious, sometimes not very young, party generations.

Medical historian Christoph Morgely (58) also resigned from the National Council at the end of 2015, but much less voluntarily than veteran Bortolucci: Morgellini was not re-elected in the Zurich canton.

Solid male hostility

Heavy weights now reappear, released to some extent by the ice crash and as a result of SVP's latest election defeats. Bortolucci is re-activated by SVP's patron Christopher Bloher and is placed on the side of Zurich's new president, Patrick Walder. The carpenter must build a ship from the Zurich party that can resist the high wave of Helvettic climate change policy.

He will return to politics: Christophe Morley. Photo: KEYSTONE

Möggelli, known as the SVP leader, has returned to the game himself: he sees himself as a party savior and wants to run for the purpose in the autumn as a national council. "Let me highlight my political experience, my loyalty to the line, my fighting spirit and my expressive abilities with words and writings," said the Weltwoche journalist in the SonntagsBlick press. For SVP it was "existentially important" not to reconcile their course with that of the winners of the green elections.

The mummies are coming back, one observer says smugly. The puzzling thing is that the two old SVP warriors, who are now back in their pants or wanting, a solid male hostility, connect or rather divide.

Mörgeli vs. Bortoluzzi

Möggere was in Bern's penultimate legislation among the Zurich OHR representatives who wanted to retire from the Bartholucky carpenter and put pressure on his voluntary departure.

Bortolucci's revenge capability came in 2012 when Moggley faced massive accusations that saw his job as a professor and conservator of the University of Zurich's Medical History Museum. "The lectures would not be held, the human specimens would be ethically questioned and his museum exposure was wrong," wrote Tages-Anzeiger.

Revenge of the Bortoluts

Bordeaux, a man with irritation, and sometimes less vicious, runs out of shape. While the other OHR parliamentarians in Bern were careful not to question the public historian, who liked party politician Christoph Blocher, Bortolucci chuckled, "The morgue must resign! And bone dust in Zurich! »

Old Federal Councilor Christoph Bloher in April 2019 at a media conference in Zurich. Photo: KEYSTONE

The verdict was not very well accepted by the heads of the SVP. Blochar grabbed the carpenter's chest, forced to give up a television camera and half breaths to formulate some denial of his statement.

This act, completed by Parteiräson, is finished and forgotten, the carpenter now remembers talking to CH Media, talking about Mörgeli and the dusty bones of Zurich. "In the end, it will be part of the book with wings from me. He will come to this book too, "Bortolucci says happily.

'List commission' is above Mörgeli

Mörgelis' message will continue again, the carpenter brings peace with him. "He is a young boy who can connect," says Bortolucci. Whether Mogelli will be created, he will decide with the Zurich Sheikh "list committee" to explain the carpenter who would prefer to know more artisans in the party than even more scholars. "Everyone can apply – I'm not on the list committee, it's a separate group," explains SVP's first vice-president in Zurich.

Bortoluzzi's forecast is favorable. "Mogelley is probably already set up, there is a lot of activity in the party. And his charisma is much higher than the average, "says the former Social Security Specialist in the Federal Parliament in touch with a diplomatic language.

Narrowed in the book of Bortolucci

Bortoluzzi's book of winged words may be curious. This proverb for same-sex couples probably also belongs to those who want to involve the carpenter in his work. His magic brought him a storm of indignation and even a demonstration under the motto "Birnolum for Bortolots".

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