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Carmen Geys: A shocker for the breast! Fans are worried about the millionaire

Fans are worried about the look of Carmen Geys.
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Geissens Party Alarm! Cult millionaires invited to their BBQ house. In addition to "great food" and "nice people," there were lightly dressed ladies. here it is Robert Gays apparently i didn't ask for long and contacted – of course just for a joint photo.

Barbecue party with geysens! Robert Gays with a half-naked woman in her arms

On Facebook and Facebook Instagram divided Carmen Geys photos of the barbecue party. The first photos show the host next to the table. This is followed by shared photos with the guests. In the picture, Robert Gays is the cock in the basket. He is among five women. But what is this? Between him and his wife Carmen is a dark-haired beauty. She wears a sparkling bra and a matching skirt with high heels. What a view!

Can't see Instagram photos of Geissens? Then here.

Breast Bug! Fans are worried about Carmen Geys

While some want to know who is stranger to Robert's side, other Instagram followers seem to have only eyes for one – Carmen's appearance. "It looks great … but your Botox is of no use to you … you will always become a cat lady," the comments said. "She is such a wonderful and attractive woman who overestimates everything so she doesn't need Botox," adds another fan. "Help, is the breast deeper?" Asks an Instagram follower. "Carmen sues his surgeon, his boobs, his left much smaller and deeper," another wrote. Maybe Carmen's posture is to blame for the uneven proportions?

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