Sunday , June 13 2021

Del Curtos ZSC gets even more pressure after a home defeat

Servette came to the mark with the important success of the Hallenstadion – which makes it even more uncomfortable for ZSC Lions in the fight for the playoffs. EV Zug obviously wins in Davos.

ZSC Lions – Geneva Servet 1: 4 (0: 3, 1: 1, 0: 0)

(The game in the teeter for reading)

The game – This is the most important game of the season so far for ZSC Lions: home game against direct competition Servette. A game that residents of Zurich need to win. But for the hosts he could not get worse: After just 60 seconds, Guillaume Maillar, who only watched but was not guarded by Patrick Gerring and Dennis Holstein in the best position, faces Geneva. And while Lion's CEO Peter Zahnner still points out that Pius Sutter has been fouled in the process of Cody Badem's goal, he is coming back to Lucas Flühler's gate.

Arno Del Curto takes time-out only after a minute and a half. Does he help? By the way! To the same extent, as with Zurich's supporters, they are growing, attacking the panic of the team. So chaotic and restless that you have never seen ZSC this season. The quality of the passage is underground. Lions do not even go into the duels. Where they are, the puck is no longer.

Geneva have an easy game. Coach Chris Maxlori was counted on Saturday after the loss of extraordinary work in Ambris by President Laurent Strauss on French-speaking TV: "If we do not get to the playoffs, I hope Chris can recognize his failure and its consequences. the servant boss came back.

In ZSC the coach is almost never questioned. But 77 days after Del Kurto threw the beggar in Davos, there was not much happening in Zurich. Lions are in a free fall after four bankruptcies in a series. Engadin must quickly raise his team. Because in another defeat on Friday in Biel, the fall threatens the bottom line. Servette now (with another game) is tied in 9th place.

Failure – ZK striker Roman Wick falls in the middle of the third half, hit by the knee of Goran Besin in the back of his head.

The hattrick – Servet has captured Zurich in the third match of the season – and again gets the ZCK for a qualifying final.

The best – Cody Almond (Servet). Former Nati Nati is the boss at Hallenstadion.

Plum – Christian Marti (ZSC). The defender loses the disk only seconds before the first break, while the back player to Jeremy Wick – Almond notes for the third goal in Geneva. Game over.

The gates 1st Wembley (Almond) 0: 1 2. Wynn (Richard) 0: 2 20. Wandels (Richard / PP) 0: 4 37. Klein (Mercier, J. Wick) (Cervenka, Pettersson) 1: 4.

Davos – Zug 1: 4 (0: 1, 0: 2, 1: 2)

The Martschini sweeper delivers cold ice on the disc

(The game in the teeter for reading)

The game – The question is not whether, but only when the ECC achieves a goal. As Graubündes are hopelessly overwhelmed in their zone with Zug's fast-paced game. ECC will need a solid game to avoid giving Davos a chance.

This way coach Dan Tannes can also save sick regulars. "We have the luxury of not forcing players who are not 100% fit," said the Norwegian. It is spoken about goalkeeper Stephan, attackers Lamer and Klingberg or defender Morant. For his first deployment to NL comes the only 19-year-old defender, Dario Wutrich. The teenager is not only a filler, but also receives the seventh defender and a suitable ice age.

The player may be better at the game at times but not close enough to attract an opponent of the ECC's shape in trouble. They remain too passive as soon as the Zugers start to run, which is why they are often a step behind them. And their own offensive creates too few opportunities.

The best scorer By the way, Inti Pestoni is the best scorer of the HCD. For months. His achievement: 1 goal in the last 13 weeks! Thanks to some assists, he is still the best in the domestic standings. Which reflects Grasson's offensive weakness.

The best – Zgraggen (train), proves offensive qualities.

Plum – Heldner (Davos), completely overloaded with ownership of the disc.

The gates – 14. Everberg (Zgraggen) 0: 1. 29. Senteler (Zehnder) 0: 2. 38. Simion (Thiry, Zgraggen / SH!) 0: 3. 47. Ambühl 1: 3. 51. Martschini 1: 4.
60. (59:21) Suri 1: 5.

So it continues in the National League

Friday, February 15th

Ambris – Lugano 19.45 clock

Bern – SCRJ Lakers 19.45 clock

Biel – ZSC Lions 19.45 clock

Servet – Davos 19.45 clock

Lausanne – Friborg 19.45 clock

Train – SCL Tigers 19.45 clock

Saturday, February 16th

Friborg – Biel 19.45 clock

Lakers – Lausanne 19.45 clock

SCL Tigers – Ambris 19.45 clock

Sunday, February 17th

Lugano – Servet 15:45

ZSC Lions – Bern 15:45

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