Thursday , June 17 2021

Denmark and Norway are in the final

Olympic champions Denmark and Norway will compete in the World Handball Championship final on Sunday.

The Danes gave France a lesson in the semi-final in Hamburg and won 38:30, while Norway beat Germany 31:25 (highlights in the video above).

France could make history with the title of the third world championship in a row, but managed to achieve this with men in handball without a team. Instead, "Equipe Tricolore" is experiencing a nightmare. For a long time, the Danes played almost perfectly on an attack and did not give the chance to the six-time world champion who scored an average of 23.5 goals in the first eight World Cup matches.

During the break the Scandinavians won 21 goals in 26 attacks already 21:15. At the start of the second half, they continued their first run and gained their lead by 44 minutes to 30:20. Only after 32:22 (46th) – after eleven goals in twelve attacks – the Danes retreated, but they could afford it. Closer than six goals, the French did not come close.

Famous player of the Olympic champion was Captain Michel Hansen with twelve goals, eleven of which scored in the first 40 minutes. It was a feast of eyes to watch the 2011 and 2015 world-wide handball players with their shimmering hair, which also surpasses brilliant passes. Hansen already has 65 goals at this World Cup and will finish the tournament as the best player.

Kenten Mahé (8) and 21-year-old Melvyn Richardson (6) are responsible for almost half of the goals scored by the French. None of the factors was the late-nominated superstar Nicolas Carabatik, who came in the defense for the second half in eleven minutes. The tournament came too early for him after a footprint in October.

Germany is over

In the second semi-final, the dream of the Germans for another winter fairytale ended when they became world champions of the World Cup in 2007. The Norwegians, who had already been to the World Cup finals two years ago, were cool in the Hamburg boiler, especially the Magnus Red (7) and Sander Sagosen (6) and the runner Beirte Mirhol (6), who scored 19, Scandinavians went after 9: 9 with 11: 9 (23) for the second time with two hits in the lead and since then they have always been ahead. This was because the Germans were unable to build up their previous achievements, especially in defense.

It is clear that there will be a new world champion. The Danes, with their impressive victory over France, kept their perfect record of the tournament after losing all three of their previous World Cup finals and also lost to Norway in 2017 in the final. The two teams met in the first round, then won the slightly favored Danes 30:26. The co-host offers the opportunity to fill the gap in Palmarès after the Olympic victory in 2016 and the European Championship titles in 2008 and 2012.

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