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Doubts about Säntis' snow register due to inaccurate data

Swiss meteorologists doubt the Säntis snow record, the readings are inaccurate. Avalanche has damaged the Säntis cable car at the beginning of the year. Consequently, the measurement of the mountain was not possible at times.

Currently in Säntis are almost seven feet of snow. That said, at least, "St. Galler Tagblatt" on Thursday, the flood hazard brings a lot of snow.

However, meteorologists doubt a snow record. Due to the current situation, accurate measurements are not possible, according to the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss to SRF.

Set height with binoculars

Every day there are large discrepancies between the total depth of snow and the amount of fresh snow. "Snow measurements are not needed for interpretation at present," says Stefan Bader of MeteoSwiss.

Due to the disruption of rail transport you have to determine the depth of snow with the binoculars from a long distance.

Säntis measurement is also difficult because the measuring station is strongly influenced by the wind. As climatologist Bader tells SRF, the question arises as to whether the measured amount of snow is actually the amount of snow falling or snow is also blasted.

The fact that there is a lot of snow in Säntis, however, is undisputed. As early as February, Canton of St. Gallen warned that this "combined with high temperatures and rainfall could lead to floods and floods."

The cabin lift has been in operation since June

On Jan. 10 an avalanche damaged the mast of the Säntis cable car. Since then, the railway company has been terminated. Persons can not be transported. Workers who carry out repairs at the top of the restaurant were transported by helicopter to the Sants.

"Maintenance work on the damaged footprint runs according to schedule despite heavy snowfall and adverse temperatures," says Bruno Vatony, Managing Director of Santis Rail. He was very confident that the monorail could resume operations in Santis in June.

Avalanche benefits exceed one million

The repair works at the Säntis Hotel in the Schwägalp valley, which were damaged by an avalanche on January 10, were completed. Due to the long delivery time of the necessary special windows, work continued until the beginning of May.

Damage to railways and buildings caused by avalanches exceeds the millionth mark. The exact amount of damage can not be quantified, according to Vattioni. (CRC / SDA)

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