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Eggs can be healthier than previously thought

The egg is part of a good breakfast for many. The fact that eggs can not only be delicious but also very healthy suggests a study.

The daily egg for breakfast, according to a study, is much healthier than previously thought by scientists. "Moderate consumption of eggs" is associated with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease in a long-term study of half a million Chinese, according to a study by Heart, a study by a British-Chinese research team.

So far, it is suspected that eggs raise cholesterol in the human body. Also contain important proteins and vitamins.

Eggs can protect against cardiovascular disease

For the study, healthy adults have been studied for almost nine years. Scientists have shown that daily consumption of ice is associated with a "lower risk of cardiovascular disease". According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 17.7 million people worldwide die of cardiovascular disease every year.

Scientists who have not participated in the study criticize the presentation as abridged. They pointed out that, in particular, other factors, such as increased welfare or sports activities, contribute to better patient health.

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