Thursday , July 29 2021

England beat Croatia and won the group victory

Let us tell you another, the League of Nations is not interesting: What England and Croatia show, is the best advertisement for a new tournament!

Division A

English – Croatian 2: 1
Images from Rotterdam on Friday were still in their heads, because they truly let go of the disappointing Dutch champions France and celebrated 2: 0 then as the title.

The match between England and Croatia even has more fuel. The starting position requires higher mathematical knowledge: With Croatia's victory being the group winner, England must go to the gang in league B. Conversely, if England wins, the Three Lions qualify for the final of the four finals in June. And to make the calculations more complicated: In the draw, the Spaniards who are free of revenge will be in the final round.

The sold out players at Wembley don't want to be involved in all of these legal games. English starts with tempo, run the Croatian World Cup Deputy to the wall. And clearly willing to take revenge for the poor World Cup final in the Moscow semifinals. Outside the gate, Sterling, Kane and Rashford sinned.

The Croats responded coldly at the start of the second half: Kramaric took five Englishmen at the same time and scored with Croatia's first shot on goal to make it 1-0. England will succumb to it!

But then throws Joseph Gomez throws into Croatia's six-meter space. Harry Kane spits the ball at Lingard's feet: 1: 1! The Wembley is a crazy house.

And when Chillwell scored a free kick into the box five minutes from time and Kane went into the box, the Croatian goalkeeper Kalinic was beaten again. This is a worthy end to an exciting game. And above all, it is the best advertisement for this much-criticized tournament.

Division B

Northern Ireland – Austria 1: 2

Division C

Greece – Estonia 0: 1

Hungary – Finland 2: 0

Division D

Moldova – Luxembourg 1: 1

San Marino – Belarus 0: 2

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