Friday , July 19 2019
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Eurovision: So Luca Hani leads Switzerland to success

That in case of doubt can win, it also seems to be a connection with who finally distributes the points. The society of the earth moves the mood. But he will hardly decide on the issues. Rather they are on the one hand specialized jury. One is professionally perfect in the bag.

On the other hand, it's just the viewers in front of the televisions that decide for success and failure. And this from all over Europe (and Australia). Therefore, it is important to take Romanian viewers, as well as those from Spain, Sweden, Ireland …

He takes the right combination for that. A song that moves but does not hurt anyone. A song that includes elements from different cultures. And all this is represented by the perfect son-in-law who everyone loves in some way. Is it possible for Luke Hanney? Let's ask the fans:

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