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FIFA: Lauber becomes a risk for Switzerland

FIFA's investigations threaten not only the Lauber federal prosecution, but also Switzerland to become a fiasco. "Through informal meetings, the whole process is dead," says a connoisseur.

Switzerland faces huge image damage. Because in the FIFA procedure, the Federal Prosecutor's Office (BA) threatens fiasco-induced personally by boss Michael Lauber (53).

But in turn: Early in the morning of May 27, 2015, the police left Zurich. The seven men passing through the back of the luxury hotel Baur au Lac are senior officials of the FIFA World Football Association. Suspicion: Corruption. According to the New York Prosecutor, he has to go for bribes worth over $ 100 million. The photo of the arrest is going all over the world.

The Fifa case is "systemically important" for Switzerland

Six days later, Sepp Blatter (83) announced his resignation as president of FIFA. On September 25, 2015, BA initiated a preliminary investigation against him. Blatter is for 2 million payments to Michel Platini (63), former president of the European Wafa Football Association, in the sights of the authorities. The question arose: What does Platini pay for?

This is just one of the many hot traces of investigators. Today, three and a half years later, BA is conducting two dozen FIFA procedures. According to Hanspeter Uster (61), President of the Federal Prosecutor's Office, the case has become "systematically relevant" for Switzerland. "It is fundamental to the reputation of the Swiss law enforcement authorities in Bulgaria and abroad," he told yesterday's media conference on his authority. With a bad image, working with US or European law enforcement agencies will suddenly be much more difficult.

In an even worse situation, federal prosecutor Lauber could have dropped the Fifa case: he had met "unofficially" several times with Blatter's successor Gianni Infantino (49). Not recording these meetings was a mistake, Wooster was delighted. "Informal meetings can take place, but then you have to form them at least in a file," the chief observer said. This is the law.

BA would be considered prejudiced

Lauber defines his controversial methods not only with his own career but also with the millions of investigations of the Federal Prosecutor's Office. Yes, this undermines the reputation of Switzerland and its main criminal power.

That this danger is very real, make sure a few lawyers from the middle of the Federal Prosecutor's Office are at Uter. Lienhard Ochsner (66), who worked as a federal prosecutor from 2003 until his retirement in 2016, describes the risk of the process failing due to secret negotiations as "significant."

For the defense, meetings are well-fed. If one of the contractors does not know the content of the negotiations, he can take advantage of that, Ohsner said.

It was only recently that BA had filed a bitter case with the court. The Federal Criminal Court in Belinzona sent the case to the daughter of President Uzbekistan Gulnara Karimova (46) back to the sender because the procedural leader was biased.

Lawyer calls FIFA's "dead"

A lawyer familiar with the FIFA complex becomes even clearer: "The whole process is dead in informal meetings." Hiring the investigation against Blatter could not be solved for Lauber. "He'll blame him. And if he does, there is a disaster.

An elegant solution would be if Lauber waives his re-election as a federal prosecutor. But as BA reports on demand, Laub keeps his new candidacy.

Why the secret meetings are so sensitive

Not the meetings of Michael Lauber (53) and Gianni Infantino (49) have been criticized, but they have not been documented. If the time, place, present, and content of the conversations were recorded in the file, all participants in the case would have access to it. This is required by the law.

Tet-a-tetes are problematic because they would prefer a party. This can be critical to the outcome of the process. In addition, the credibility of the body is questioned.

Moreover, in November, Laub assured the regulator at the Federal Prosecutor's Office (BA) that there were only two such federal meetings. Now it is clear that there was a third meeting. That's how the room is if the laugh lied.

The fact that such informal meetings could become briefly has just become apparent: in the case of Karimova, one of the biggest money laundering scandals on the ball. Assets worth more than 800 million francs are frozen. It is being investigated against six Uzbek citizens who allegedly have washed money through the Swiss banks under the direction of the daughter-president Gulnara Karimova (46).

The media at CHAT reported that the Federal Criminal Court has outlined the process leader, Patrick Lamon, as biased at an informal meeting. The prosecutor visited his colleagues in Uzbekistan – Lauber also attended the meeting. (Pt)

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