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Fighters' Rating – The Rafale in the Test Program – News


In the last evaluation, especially the price of the French jet was a problem. This time the money would be enough for more airplanes.

Rafale calls the French urge or impulse – and they call their most advanced fighter. Developed by Swiss specialists in Payerne.

Seven years ago Rafale was considered the favorite. But the Federal Council decided to buy the cheaper Gripen from Sweden, which then dismissed the voters. For the French manufacturer Dassault, this is a bitter defeat to this day. "We actually lost because we were not chosen," says Philippe Silva Passo of Dassault Aviation. "However, we reached the first place in the technical assessment."

Up to six billion francs

Rafale is considered an expensive plane. The question is whether expensive planes have no chance after Defense Secretary Viola Amherd has set a maximum purchase price of six billion last week.

Aviation expert Hans Burger believed that significantly more than the often mentioned minimum of 30 aircraft could be funded. "If we divide these six billion by 40, that gives a system cost of 150 million," says Burghi. For this money you will get the plane that Switzerland needs.

Only a compensation of 60 percent

A second decision by the Federal Council could make expensive types of fighters considerably cheaper. Producers now no longer have to compensate for the 100 percent price of the counter-sales of the Swiss industry, and only 60 percent. "The price should therefore fall, ie Switzerland will get more airplanes for a better price," Burghi said.

Will the plane be cheaper with only 60 percent compensation? He does not respond to such economic considerations, says Philippe Silva Passo. "They are secret, both for us as a producer and for the Swiss customer."

In addition to Rafale, four more fighters were tested here in Payerne. At the very end, at the end of June, then again Gripen from Sweden.

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