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Gold bonus for Red Dead Online players

Michael Sosinka

Rockstar Games introduces Red Dead Online players with five gold bars. In addition, Gun Rush matchmaking has been improved.


As a gratitude for support, Red Dead Online players will receive five gold bars this weekend (25-27 January 2019). Moreover, several matchmaking problems were identified in "Gun Rush". The developers write: "Since then, we have made minor improvements to the more complete lobbies and we will add new features to the upcoming updates and Gun Rush will have fun with as many opponents as possible, so if you had a problem with small lobbies this past week, to play another round this weekend and see many big games on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. "

Gold Bonus

  • Thank you to all the hard-core Red Dead Online Beta players around the world for your continual feedback while we continue to refine the games. As a sign of our gratitude for your support and understanding during this beta, we are rewarding all active players this weekend with a bonus of 5 gold bars. Play in the Red Dead Online Beta between January 25th and Sunday, January 27th to qualify for this bonus, which will then be credited to your account by January 29th.

Feedback for Rush & improved matchmaking

  • After the launch of the new gun mode, we identified a number of issues we are trying to solve. Since then, we have made minor improvements to more complete lobbies and will continue to improve the upcoming updates. Gun Rush is the most fun with as many opponents as possible. So, if you had a problem with a small lobby last week, we're calling you to play another round this weekend. Now we see much bigger matches on PS4 and Xbox One.
  • For those who have not yet tried: Gun Rush is a battle for life and death battle, similar to the battle for Royale, with good Western traditions for up to 32 players. You can play it in teams or against everyone. Players fight each other in a constantly shrinking struggle, where horses can be used to move faster – at an appropriate risk. Bring clashing guns, guns to convert repetitive weapons to flamboyant and dynamic arrows – and valuable, hard-to-reach armor, like Ned Kelly's bumper, which helps you end the fight to the end,
  • We've also updated our official feedback page, which already has its Gun Rush sections. Of course, we'd like to know what you like or dislike, and what suggestions for improvements and changes you have for this or other game modes and gameplay elements. So, please continue to sign up!

There is more

  • Currently, our teams are working on a series of player feedback, in-game, and in-game troubleshooting improvements, such as general improvements from our most recent status update: distance based tags, improved bargaining , law enforcement improvements, and rewards to avoid grief while introducing new dynamics between head hunters and criminal brigands in Freedom Wanderer. In addition, daily challenges await you with cash prizes and more. We plan to provide these and other improvements by updating the title to be released in the coming months. More information will follow immediately after expiration. "

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