Tuesday , June 22 2021

Groningborg saw train game: Holt Davos World Champion Manufacturer?

Davos has already secured a new sports director with Raeto Raffainer. Is he now a new coach?

Tre Croner coach Ricard Gryonborg (50) watches the HCG match against Zug (1: 5) on Tuesday. At the last two world championships he won the gold medal with Swedish Nati, and in the spring of 2018, he took it away from the Swiss: Tre Crone coach Rickard Gryonborg.

His home country has been known for months that the 50-year-old will not renew his contract as a national coach after the World Cup in May.

With his family in Davos

Gryonborg repeatedly stressed that he was looking for a new challenge. In Sweden, he speculates he plays with a commitment to NHL. Because: Grönborg also holds a US passport and his wife is American.

Now the surprise: Grönborg looked at the game between HCD and Zug. Not only to see potential Swedish World Cup candidates Magnus Nigren, Anton Redin (both Davos) and Denis Everberg (Zug). But look around the club and especially in Davos.

Because Gryonborg was not alone in Graubünden, but with his wife and two children. So the Swedish seems to be a coaching candidate for the next season's HCH. Interesting and first class!

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