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Hockey-Nathi: How Patrick Fischer became a hero of the scapegoat

Patrick Fischer between sharp criticism and a silver medal

Patrick Fischer came after the Olympic Hockey Ice Hockey Team's eight-game Olympic match. A few weeks later he sensitively won a silver medal at the World Cup with his team. How did he experience this time?

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Sport can be merciless. The result is decisive for victory or defeat. To be or not to be. Photos can affect the entire career – both positive and negative. Goal at the wrong time. Misunderstanding at inappropriate time. And the performance is already confused.

The consequences are often serious. Patrick Fischer can sing a song for which an emotional roller coaster can produce. Yesterday is still a scapegoat. Today the hero. Fischer has experienced it a year ago. He rose in a few weeks. After he was actually declared dead.

The Olympiads in Pongchang do not go according to Patrick Fischer's ideas. Photo: KEYSTONE

But let's start from scratch. Patrick Fischer, coach of the Swiss national hockey team, is spreading optimism. The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang are just around the corner. Fischer expresses the words that will later be cut around his ears: he dreams of winning an Olympic medal.

He does not do that in megalomania, but for good reason: the Swiss did well at the World Cup in Paris in the spring of 2017 against competitors who had gathered with many NHL players. Since those players from the best league in the world were missing at the Olympics, and the Swiss would have gone almost unchanged, Fischer's optimism was quite understandable.

But then everything changed. One of those pictures, inadvertently in a round of the 16th match against Germany, was enough to make the dream of the medal burst too early and loud. 1: 2 lost the Swiss after extra time. The tournament was over before it started properly.

The artificial sacrifice for society

The screens have stunned eyes and hanging heads. Patrick Fischer's team had left almost all desires open. The artificial victim was quickly identified in the general public and in some parts of the media: the national coach who apparently failed to get his team to go. The national coach who had closed his mouth.

But how did Patrick Fischer himself experience the time after the Olympic disaster? "When the Germans took extra time and the tournament ended for us in one go, the processing started, for the first time there was a void, and you do not expect it to happen," Fisher recalls.

The most important thing for him in the first phase after the Olympic failure was to talk with the national team. – Do you still trust the coaching team? Do you believe in the process? If players no longer believe in the project then it will be difficult. Then you have to stop, "says Patrick Fischer. "But I felt the trust was there. And I knew we'd get the service back. "Especially since he received the right support from his immediate superiors at the ice hockey association.

But there was also public and media perception, which can sometimes influence decision-making by sports officials. Patrick Fischer, who took the post of national coach at the end of 2015 without a record high, was critical from the start. Now his critics have finally seen the time get him out of the office.

How was Fischer to deal with this negative criticism? "What people say around I can not control or influence much. We can not do anything more than imagine the best. After Pyeongchang she was relatively restless in the Swiss ice hockey against me and the team. I felt some doubt about the environment. We knew we did not deliver. But that's the sport. You have to be able to handle this.

Get up and put your helmet

In the process of processing, Patrick Fischer, who likes to delve deeper into Indian culture, has certainly benefited from his character. As a player, he was a man who enjoyed the ease of being that did not spare a risk, who was also exploring the limits and boldly going in his own way, bringing him – against all expectations – into the best league in the world – NHL or which led to Russia in the KHL.

He says, "I'm not one who breaks his head so long I gave it all I could say," Today is hurt, tomorrow is a new day, put on the helmet and go, I do not waste time with self-pity.

Patrick Fischer with a silver medal in Copenhagen. Photo: KEYSTONE

It was important for him to feel that players absolutely want to come to the national team. And it was a confirmation that the faith is still there, that we can do something great. "It fits into this story of victory and defeat that the Swiss national ice hockey team and their chief coach are more than three months after Pongchang's defeat. actually achieved something big at the World Cup in Copenhagen.

At the same time, Patrick Fischer knew the tournament in the Danish capital would be revolutionary in terms of his future. He knew he could not afford another failure. The pressure would be too great for his faithful superiors. In spite of the contract valid for hosting the World Cup 2020.

Ice hockey is unpredictable

And then the team in Denmark missed the hairstyle the biggest triumph in the history of Swiss ice hockey, winning the first World Cup title. In the final they were defeated by the Swedes extremely dissatisfied with penalty shoot-outs. Despite the mood, players and coaches were suppressed in the same way after a bitter defeat, as in South Korea.

But the negative feelings were taken away the following day. At the latest, when the Swiss crew at Zurich Airport was welcomed by thousands of enthusiastic fans and celebrated the silver medal, all participants realized they had really achieved something big.

So Patrick Fischer has experienced one of the typical stories that only sports with his emotions and unpredictability can write. And finally, build the credit you need in this fast-paced, world-oriented world to be able to work a little more calmly. If the Swiss disappointed after a few weeks at the World Championship in the Slovak capital Bratislava, then no one will ask the head of the national coach. (Aargauerzeitung.ch)

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