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How to Prepare Healthy Easter Egg Dishes • HealthNews

Easter is finally here, and egg lovers look forward to these holidays all year long. But eggs have never been very healthy. However, you don't have to do without eggs. Especially people with too high a cholesterol value should be careful when eating eggs. We tell you what to keep in mind when preparing eggs.

Especially at Easter time, especially many dishes with eggs on the table. However, for people with an average cholesterol level, eggs can only be eaten in moderation. If you want to make dishes that are prepared from eggs with the lowest cholesterol content, you need to follow the tips below.

Those who not only want to eat well during the Easter holidays, eat eggs ideally or poached. Alexandra Borschard-Becker of the consumer initiative in the German capital Berlin looks at this point.

Egg dishes can quickly turn into calorie bombs

Bacon and butter make eggs eggs a real calorie bomb in an instant, she continues in a recent interview. In addition, there is a much more serious problem: eggs already have higher than average cholesterol.

If fat is added to the scrambled eggs or the like, the value increases quite rapidly. Egg dishes such as fried eggs and scrambled eggs should be served with the least fatty ingredients or toppings. Vegetable fats are also a healthier alternative to butter, the consumer initiative continues.

Egg yolk especially cholesterienreich

Egg yolks are known to contain the most cholesterol, so consumers can also separate eggs for scrambled eggs and scrambled eggs and use less yellow for food, the consumer initiative recommends. Or ideally they can do without egg yolk completely.

For example, instead of cream and regular milk, omelets can also be made with low fat milk. However, if you do not want or cannot do without fat as a flavoring, you should not eat eggs too often: "I recommend making eggs at will once a week and then taking a break," the consumer initiative continued in its statement.

Turn older eggs into fried eggs or scrambled eggs

However, anyone who has no problems with their cholesterol or fat metabolism and does not suffer from diabetes, according to the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture, does not think of enjoying the delicious eggs.

However, if the eggs are no longer completely fresh, they are preferably completely cooked or cooked for safety reasons, Borchard-Becker recommends in this interview. If an egg stored in the fridge for more than a week is used for fried eggs, the yolk must be baked in each case to prevent salmonella poisoning in any case.

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