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HP Sprocket: That's why the HP printer is just a party star

– Oh, what do you got there? – With HP Sprocket at parties to print the photos that have always attracted attention. It seems as if taking pictures right after recording is something special. In fact, the small lifestyle printer must return the feeling of polarized. Whether it worked, we tested.

First of all, it seems that the idea has fallen out of time: when you could only see pictures developed weeks after shooting, Polaroid cameras caused a furor with pictures that you can see right away. During the smartphone, this should no longer overturn anyone. But Sprocket is actually developing his charm.

The polar charm of the smartphone

The small box at first is unobtrusive. A little bigger than a pack of cigarettes, the small, gray box fits into any pocket or jacket. A spray-like match similar to the 1990s should make it less boring, but it does not make the designer a piece of design. In the end, the workmanship is correct, with the shape and rough plastic surface, it fits well in the hand.

His magic develops the printer with a strange name but only when combined with a smartphone and prints the first pictures. Actually, you are right in the Polaroid era. Whether colleagues or friends: Everyone was instantly satisfied with the printing, completed a few seconds later, they wanted to take the size of the business card in their hands and examine them. The picture was just seen on the smartphone.

Chara of Physical

Then the physical touch has its charm. Even if the prints – viewed objectively – are quite weak. This was even better in the 1990s. Colors fade or even are completely alienated, the outlines are washed away. But a quick souvenir you can forgive. And: unlike the classic Polaroid, you can watch the score at least before the display and print only successful pictures.

Sprocket is also a great success when used on child birthdays. Children who know almost just digital photos are excited about the newly photographed picture in the bag. Especially because fingerprints are a sticker for more careful checking. But if you want, you can just take pictures that are so brave. Although the film was easily removed, it did not accidentally break down during the test period.

HP Sprocket Printer

Prints can also be used as stickers

Here's how easy it should be for all printers

The printer setup has worked so well in the test that you want the combination of app and Bluetooth right away for the big printer. The only downside of Bluetooth: The printer can only be connected to one smartphone at a time. If someone wants to print something else, you have to redeem it. Or just send the photos back and forth. But often quality deteriorates.

App is appropriate. Images are simply imported from the gallery, who also want to be able to set up Instagram, Facebook, and Google Photos profiles and print images directly from the cloud. A fun idea is the function of an expanded reality. If a moving picture is printed as live on Apple, you can scan it with the app and then get the animated picture on the smartphone display.

The biggest damper, with the exception of picture quality, is the price of the pictures: for twenty of the small prints are paid eight to ten euros, and for the fifties a package of 22 to 25 euros is offered. The phrase costs 20-40 cents. This is much more than a classic expression, but compared to Polaroid, it is still quite cheap. With the printer, only ten photos are included in the purchase. Considering the price of 95 euros, she would like to be more. After all, loading the new paper is a child's game.

Conclusion: Have fun at the party with subsequent expenses

If you really want to just print snapshots of parties or kids quickly and on the road, you'll have a lot of fun with Sprocket. The small printer actually returns the party charm to the Polaroid camera – only one can arrange the photos in advance. However, it is not to be expected much of the picture quality: the pictures are washed, some have changed the colors. It is clear to attract the moment. But the sprocket can serve it completely. Somewhat annoying are the subsequent cost of the image and the small number of attached pages to print.

HP Sprocket is already on the market and costs 95 euros. But you have to plan to buy a few packages of photo paper.

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