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Huawei blacklist – barrier in the US does not bother Swiss Telekom – News

Swiss telecoms companies are not worried about renewed US pressure on Huawei. And it will not change for the moment. China's Huawei Technology Group, with which Swisscom collaborates in optical fiber and sunrise in mobile communications, claims to guarantee all supplies. Huawei complied with US operations and filled its warehouses.

The subsidiary produces its own chips

US President Donald Trump's announcement that US companies are no longer able to work with Chinese telecommunications equipment, Huawei will also meet in the longer term. Because HiSilicon, the Huawei-based computer chip designer, said it could boost the production of its own chips in case of an emergency.

China is the world's largest producer of silicon, the raw material of the chips. The country has invested a lot of money in producing its own semiconductor boards and chips in recent years. Huawei itself is also building new production centers outside China – for example, in India or Japan.

To replace American products with their own was only Plan B, because according to their own statements, the company pays great trust to their traditional Western suppliers. But Huawei needs less and less.

Huawei loses access to American universities

That's why Huawei is probably the most annoyed that you may lose access to innovative start-ups and universities in the United States.

But here, too, the company is looking for other options for a while. It creates research centers not only in China but also in Europe, India and several East Asian countries and seeks proximity to local universities.

Switzerland can not be pushed out of the US

The tide would change if Huawei were pushed out of the market by US pressure in all European countries and Asia. Although individual countries have already done so – there are still many.

But even then it is not certain that the Federal Council will be subject to pressure and that Swisscom and Sunrise will not work with Huawei. In any case, it is unclear whether the recent White House orders will be met in the near future. If the G20 Summit at the end of June, a relief in the US-China trade conflict, Huawei's criticism can again be quieter.

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