Friday , July 30 2021

Hug limited Wernli's back line to Malters

The Hug bread group began with a massive expansion of its production facilities. He brought 120 new jobs for Malters and marked the end of Trimbach's «Wernli» site.

Rainer Rickenbach

This is how

This is how "Backhaus" from Hug 2020 can look like – but Pilate in the background will then be properly positioned again. (Visualization: Hug)

Hugs don't put mountains. But for the illustration of the planned new production plant, the Malterser Backwrap has turned into one. Pilatus Mount Lucerne cannot be seen there, because it is seen from Malters, but because it displays itself from Emmen or Lucerne. "The mountain must be like that in the illustration," smiled management member Anna Hug in January as a family business informed for the first time about the «Backhaus» expansion plan.

On Monday, the land is damaged at the company's premises. Werner Hug's Chairperson talked about the generation project.

60 million for the location of Malters

This project is indeed ambitious for family SMEs. The Lucerne-based bakery invests around CHF 60 million – more than half of the group's annual sales. With the "Backhaus" project, the company intends to host the production of its own brand, Hug, Darvida (today already in Malters) and Wernli (today in Trimbach SO) under one roof.

Hug has taken over Wernli ten years ago. New bakeries can be operated more efficiently and transportation between the two locations is eliminated. At the same time, the company is able to produce twice as many bakery products in Malters and to reduce external warehouses thanks to automated warehouses with thousands of pallet spaces. The expansion building is located south of the existing building, and the production area grows from 12,000 to 22,000 square meters. The new bakery must carry 20 to 25 additional trucks, but at the same time requires far less fossil energy for production. Five back lines in Trimbach are being raised for Malters. The expansion at the Malterser company location was badly needed, with four Hug back lines pushing there despite automation and increasing night jobs there on the border. Because the business is going well. "I am confident that we will achieve greater growth this year than in the past. Because that is now right to expand now," said Chairman of the Board of Werner Hug.

Hug Bakery in the past

Last year, Hug increased the group's turnover by 2.7 percent to 116.6 million francs. Especially exports returned to track, after several years suffering from a strong franc.

128 employees working at Trimbach had the opportunity to work in Malters after moving from 2020 onwards. There are 120 new jobs after the expansion of the company's premises. About 15 Trimbach jobs are lost, however. However, in Hug, one hopes to overcome the natural fluctuations surrounding layoffs. In total, more than 340 employees were employed in Malters after the merger. Hug: "Maintaining the expertise of our people at Trimbach in the company will be one of the big challenges."

The project manager of this step is Marianne Wüthrich-Gross, former head of the factory in Trimbach. There is no change for the location of Willisau.

The next generation is ready

Hug claims Swissness for all baked products. "It won't be consistent if we don't give contracts for 60 million projects in our own country." With the exception of investment transfers, all orders go to domestic companies. Your task will not be easy. During construction and new construction of a bread production plant, for example, operations must continue. The schedule foretells the main construction phase for next year, from mid-2020, a gradual step from Trimbach to Malters is planned.

"This is the last major project to be realized by the Hug generation who is currently running the company. But the next generation is ready," said Werner Hug. Anna Hug and his cousin Fabian Hug already worked in the company. They will become the fifth generation of businessmen in the family.

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