Monday , November 30 2020

"In All Friendships" Review April 23

How is Sachsenklinik with Dr. Honey. Roland Heilman, PhD. Martin Stein, Arzu Ritter and Co. continue? You will learn this in ours "Everything about friendship" preview

Preview "All Friendship" on Tuesday, April 23rd

+++ episode deleted +++


"In all friendships" break of ARD: Sachsenklinik replacement today in MDR!

In fact, Tuesday night is for "In all … Read more "

"In Friendship" – Stage 22 | preview

IaF Preview for Tuesday, April 30th

Roland Haleman and Maria Weber treat patient Lily Holtzar, who is pregnant with triplets and who visited Saxenclinic a few weeks earlier. This time, however, she has her husband Jonas, who hears about visiting the hospital for the first time. Lily and the unborn children had to go through a life-threatening operation. When Jonas finds out, he blames his wife for turning him off completely. But before the argument escalates, Lily must go to the delivery room …

Meanwhile, Chris is already dreaming of fun with his friend Florian Klein, who has finished his practical year at Sachsenklinik. But Dr. Kai Hoffman is mistaken for both. He's doing everything to Dr. Kaminsky to the instructor.

As with "In All Friendship" – Season 22 continues as we always do on Tuesday in the first!

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