Thursday , September 19 2019
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In Bareg: building worker of A1 fatal accident

The night work of A1 near Baden AG caused a tragic accident. He killed a Swiss.

Baregg's upgrading to the A1 is in full swing on Monday night when it comes to the drama just before 23:00.

At the height of the Baden AG in the direction of Zurich, a 70-year-old construction worker was conquered by a reversible dump truck. Immediately mobilize police and paramedics. On the spot, saviors can only determine the death of the Swiss. The function of the 70-year-old on the construction site is still clear – yet it far exceeds the standard retirement age for construction workers.

Investigations of the exact circumstances of the severe accident continue. The driver's license is temporarily removed from the truck driver, as reported by the Aargau Cantonal Police. He is a 36-year-old Slovenian living in the Argau canton. (Cat)

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