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Is Cycling Harmful for Potency?

If men like to ride a lot of bicycles, they are often warned – cycling is pathetic or leads to infertility, it is said. But is this true?

Excessive pressure from the bicycle saddle can actually lead to unpleasant events, says Prof. Kurt Miller, director of the Berlita Charité Department of Urology.

Erectile tissue may be impaired

"If the body is subjected to long-term pressure on the dam when cycling, it can affect the nerves that supply the cavernous bodies as well," the expert said. It can be especially frustrating for men who drive more than three hours a week.

The pressure on the dam also radiates into the prostate gland

If the saddle exerts pressure on the dam, this may also apply to simplicity, the base of the penis acts with its erectile tissue and approaching the scrotum. If someone notices a numbness in the perineal area or radiates it into the penis, then you definitely need to change something, Miller advises.

Does cycling promote infertility and erectile problems?

The fact that cycling can lead to impotence and damage reproduction is a common myth and leaves no scientific basis. However, medical studies show that after half an hour of cycling, circulation in the sensitive area decreases by 70 percent.

So far, however, it cannot be proven that this actually increases the risk of erection problems. For example, scientists from the British Cycling for Health Study (2012/2013) found no link to impotence or infertility among more than 5,000 male cyclists surveyed.

erection problems: Where are the causes and what really helps

It all depends on the saddle

The saddle and the sitting position are crucial. The saddle must distribute the pressure evenly over the two suture tubes. A saddle with a recess of the perineal area and the pubic arch is also recommended. The best way to get advice in the store and properly adjust the saddle there. It also makes sense for cyclists to resort to padded pants.

Good for blood circulation

But: "If you do it right, cycling has a positive effect on potency." Because it helps blood circulation in the pelvis. In principle, Miller says, "A normal man doesn't really have the appropriate risk of riding a bicycle." However, the prerequisite is not to go overboard with cycling.

Promote Cycling Prostate Cancer? According to a UK study, older men who move often may be at higher risk of contracting prostate cancer. In a study published in the Journal of Men's Health, researchers talk of a "statistically significant relationship" for men over 50. However, cyclists must sit in the saddle several times a week for eight hours, which certainly applies to the vast majority of amateur athletes in this age group should not be so.

Cycling can distort the PSA test

Nevertheless, cycling has medical consequences that can even be measured. It affects the value of PSA (prostate-specific antigen). This blood count is an indication of prostate cancer. Cycling can increase it. "Therefore, you should refrain from cycling for three days before a blood test to determine the PSA value," says Dr. Volgang Bueman, Urology Specialist and Spokeswoman for the Professional Association of German Urologists. However, cycling only adds value in the short term.

PSA test: How safe is the test and what it says

Although men in their 40s in most cases still do not threaten prostate cancer, Bohmann still advises his patients to start a PSA test after that age. For the following reason: "The reading itself says nothing about the patient's risk of contracting prostate cancer," says the urologist. "Therefore, it makes sense to set a benchmark and supplement it with additional results in the coming years."

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