Saturday , July 31 2021

Jeff Bezos shows everything – the balloon of profits without end

Thanks to the booming internet commerce and booming cloud services, Amazon began the financial year with record winnings. In the first quarter, surplus rose by a surprisingly strong 125% to 3.6 billion dollars (3.2 billion euros), Amazon announced on Thursday after closing the US market. This largest online retailer in the world has never won for a quarter.

Revenues rose 17 percent to 59.7 billion dollars. Although this is a decent plus in the context of market expectations, Amazon delivers the fourth quarter with a significant decline in sales growth in a row. The group continues to generate the bulk of its revenue from Internet marketing in its domestic market in North America. But other sectors now eject money well.

Amazon's lucrative IT services and business network storage continue to grow strongly. The AWS web platform, which sells cloud services to companies, increased revenues by 41 percent to 7.7 billion dollars. Operational earnings of the profitable unit rose 59 percent to $ 2.2 billion. Amazon also grew strongly in the online advertising business.

In addition, the star entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, whose investors were often worried, is now making big strides to keep the wheel. In the past quarter, costs rose only 12.6% – an unusually low figure for Amazon's ratios.

For the current quarter, the company expects sales to rise to $ 59.5 to $ 63.5 billion. Investors reacted positively to quarterly data, but their share posted a slight increase of 0.6% after the stock market. However, the price has already risen by about 24% in the course of the year. At a market value of about $ 936 billion, Amazon returns to the magical trillion and to the highest of $ 2050.50 in September last year. Investors keep profits.

(With material from dpa-AFX)

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