Wednesday , June 16 2021

Jungle Camp 2019: Sandra Kiriasos has lost her child

Ex-bobsledler Sandra Kiriasis admitted having lost her baby during her pregnancy. But her partner did not take her.

One day before the big final of this year's jungle camp Sandra Kiriasis (44), it boomed in the jungle. While Mitcamper Felix (22) is pleased to be daddy soon, Bob Olympic's gold medalist from 2006 will bring memories. "It's good and I'm happy for it, but at the same time sadden me," she admits.

The reason for her tears: "My ex did not want children, and in 2015 I lost one." "It's a happy day for him.

Drama after the end of the career

Even when she ceased to haircut, she repeatedly encountered the sad loss. Everyone would ask her then if she does not want to get pregnant because she has been in contact for some time. – Then say, "He does not want," always sounds silly and then say, "It was not palpable and not nice."

She herself always wanted to have children, but not her boyfriend – at least not with her. Her request continues until today, "but I am aware that at my age I may not be able to do it."

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