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Jungle Camp: Chris, Sandra and Jota – and no one noticed

Day 15 in the jungle: Chris, Sandra, and Jota – and no one noticed

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Day 15 in the jungle camp and yes, meanwhile, we're a little clumsy. But! BUT! Then it was very exciting at first. Because then Daniel and Sonia announced the result of yesterday, and his stuff must first pack:

The man with currier!

Who would have thought this? Honestly, only a small part of jungle experts, but this part (hüstel) is even happier.

So, but now, as usual, we continue …

… jungle test!

It seemed even funny today, we would almost like to participate: The motorists stood on a platform above the pool and had to swing with some liana on the water and a swimming pool floating in the center of the pool with its weight division. If they release the liana at the right time.

And that succeeded … so moderately good. Not very well. Only two of the six stars were won. And you can really comment this way:

Chris: "Better than no star."

Daniel Harwich: "That's right, but worse than six."

And then: the show of Currywurstmann

Oh, and oh. Even Currywurstmann's eternal career makes us a little tired. Fortunately tomorrow. This time the troops did not even return to the camp when it started. We summarize briefly: After Yota's updated motivation, Chris pushes the collar and he explains, "I'm really angry, honest! You arrive and say two stars are cool! But that's stupid. Two stars out of twelve trials. You did it so cool, as I twice did. I am angry that some people do not see this as their own motivation! "And then he roars with the words," Come! ".

But the rest do not even think, "We go if we think we're going!" This makes Chris with him and unfolds a small, fine but not very profound dialogue about television drama. Again a brief quote summary:

Chris: "It's all right. This is showbiz, this is dramatically correct! »

Bastian: "It's supposed to be real and not shown!"

Sandra: "The camera continues, it goes out completely and screaming around. The camera is turned off, he turns and laughs.

Bastian: "What is this statement?" This is a show business, it's a drama, "It plays a role, now the mask has fallen." Camera and he performs ….

Sandra ends the sentence: "… to have more talk time!"

What should be so immoral about this desire for a TV show? All right.

The theme of the day

… of course, Rauswahlgate yesterday. Because of a server error, he did not have to leave the camp. Of course, theories are shot in the head: RTL has not paid its phone bill? Can the participants now sue RTL? Is there top 6? Evelyn is probably the closest to the truth:

"Perhaps this stream somehow broke. Or some masts, these long things. I once had a hamster. At that time the hamster eaten the telephone line as well. Something like this can happen here. I mean, there are the most dangerous animals in the world in Australia. Here we have a hundred mericas here, which often steal from us.

Sandra is crying

We know her as a calm and tough camper, but it is now coming out of the Olympic bobsleigh champion: Ausläser is Felix's expectation for his child: "It's beautiful and I'm happy for it but it sadden me at the same time." Since her ex-boyfriend did not want a child, she'd ever had a miscarriage, and now it's probably too late. And even Yota reports of miscarriage: his ex-girlfriend has lost a common child two years ago. He also weeps.


  • Like yourself Evelyn always unmistakable in the continent and lists which animals can still meet her: giraffes, lions …
  • how Peter he got out of his skin and even had bad intentions against Chris: "Who caress your pants here? Who caress your pants here? Chris, who cares your pants here?" (Yes, he said three times in a row) harmony!
  • Evelyn, in general. How she stood firm when Yota suggested she was not friendly with Chris, and she just said, "Why if he wants to do showbiz, it's his job."


  • how Chris in Rauswall said, "Joth, thank you." It does not take him away. ALL COUNTRIES !!!
  • iota and his body without a shirt. Yes, well, he can do this, he has also worked a lot for. But it's kind of annoying.
  • – Kevin Grossskruck of the jungle Domenico and his tattoo on IBES. We think it's more like this and we're wondering with Sonya: "What would you do if you won?"

picture: instagram / domenico_de_cicco

What no one else noticed:

picture: tvnow / montage of imgo

To leave the camp:

Chris! Sandra! Yota!

Felix, Evelyn and Peter in the Final! Oh, that will be exciting, people!

What we still want to know:

What should happen so Evelyn does not win tomorrow.

Here you can read all the episodes:

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