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Kate Middleton: Psychologist reveals: THUS manipulates Prince William, his wife


Prince William affectionately calls his wife Kate Middleton "Poppet."
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For more than nine years, Kate Middleton, 37, and Prince William, 37, have been husband and wife. In the world of the rich and beautiful, this is almost half an eternity. But how, despite all the royal responsibilities and family stress, is the dream couple still happy after all these years?

Kate Middleton: You missed that nickname, Prince William

A recent report from the British Dream may finally bring clarity. Because, as reported in the gossip sheet, especially Prince William seems to have found a very special recipe for a working marriage. According to the Duke of Cambridge, use a very special nickname to "control" your wife. At least that's what the psychologist, Dr. Becky Spellman.

The plates! That means the Duchess Kate's nickname

According to the 37-year-old, his wife, nicknamed Poppet, missed. The term, which has many meanings in English, seems to have a controlling effect on the Duchess Kate. The word "poppet," which by the way means "doll," "love," or "sweetness," was also associated with witchcraft in average English. In the case of Prince William, Spellman is sure to have chosen a nickname to express his affection for Kate.

The psychologist reveals: Prince William wants to control his wife

However, Spelman clearly states that the term "poppet" can also have a negative meaning. According to her, the alias may indicate that Prince William is in some way in control of his wife and is following her every move. But why did you do it Prince William, who has repeatedly been associated with nasty rumors of affairs, the need to control his wife?

As Spellman explains, Prince William uses the nickname to express his admiration for Kate's beauty. "On the other hand, the term also reflects his desire to protect and control Kate so that he feels at the top of their relationship," Spellman said.

Queen Elizabeth II also has a nickname

By the way, Prince William is not the only member of the royal family who has a nickname for his wife. So should Prince Philip, his wife Queen Elizabeth II, affectionately call "cabbage." But only members of the British royal family know whether these statements are true.


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