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Kuonen in the Playoffs Course

SCL Tigers are the surprising team in the Swiss National Ice Hockey League. Langnauer constantly collects points for playoff qualifiers. In his thick body: the viewer Rafael Quonon.

"I rarely look at the table and do not even dare to put a P-word in my mouth," said Rafael Kuonen, striker of the SCL Tigers. The vision is on the ground. He is ripe. Strengthened in his personality. The turbulent was the past. Through it he became the player who collects points earnestly in the Langnauer dress today. Quick Review.

Rawing process

The 2014 Nati B season is over. Raphael Kuonen provoked the interest of HC Lugano thanks to 28 points in 45 games. The transfer to southern Ticino is a misconception. He moves quickly, moves to Friborg. Breakthrough does not succeed even with dragons. There is a stop in Rapperswil, where he witnessed the descent to Nati B. Later, in 2016, Langhwa returned the lost son. At the latest by the autumn of 2018 it is clear: Quonn and Langau – this is appropriate. Extending the contract is already a matter of form. What happened between 2014 and 2018? "A lot," says Quoon, who describes the time as a ripening process. The striker has already scored 9 points for Lanzhane this season. By comparison: Last season there are 49 points in 12 points. Kuonen is Langnau's best Swiss collector. "Gammair points strengthen my confidence, but it's about the fact that we have a success as a team, but that matters." The reason that he is working well now, he sees in particular in the work of the coach. "Heinz Ehller has a great deal in our good start for the season," he says. Ayers makes Quonon stronger. It often uses it in situations of overpayment. A vote of confidence that obviously strengthens Upper Valley. Langhaw and Quonon are on the fast track – is it possible this year with the playoffs qualification?

Eligible Playoffs Chances

At the highest Swiss ice hockey championship there are numerous teams within a few points. HC Davos and the bottom of the Rapperswil-Jona package see the playoffs only with a telescope, but the other ten teams have legitimate ambitions to rank in the top 8. Also Langnau. After losing points, the Tigers are one point behind leader Biel. "The euphoria in the village is great now and people are excited to join us," Quonon said. Rarely, there are SCL Tigers who have managed to make such high hopes of playing in the autumn playoffs. Rarely before was the P-word in this phase of the Emmental Championship ever a problem.

Simon Calbartman

November 22, 2018, 00:00

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