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Lauber must continue to tremble: re-election must be postponed

The court panel postponed the decision to reelect federal prosecutor Lauber. First, the results of the current investigation will be expected.

This is not as easy as federal prosecutor Michael Lauber (53) suggests: the judiciary wants to postpone re-election. Instead of being scheduled for a summer session, the elections must be held in the autumn. The decision was unanimous, the Commission said today. "We do not want to rush things," said SP-Nationalrat and Judge Matthias Aebischer.

Politicians want Parliament to be aware of Lauber's fate only after the results of the investigation – or at least the preliminary interim results – are known. The inspection opened the supervisory body of the Federal Prosecutor's Office (AB-BA) on Friday. Guardians want to clarify whether Lauber, in connection with the meeting with Fifa's boss Gianni Infantino (49), has breached his duties.

Win for Lauber

It is blatant for Lauber that the judiciary does not recommend him for re-election. For politicians, the investigation is due to official violations of a too big mortgage. Lauber himself has held the position last Friday that the disciplinary investigation is unrelated to his re-election – parliament can, indeed, have to be, whether it is fit for office. This separation does not make the judiciary.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office reported that it had taken into account the court's ruling. Competent authorities were "still fully accessible for all clarifications and open questions".

This is an accused federal prosecutor

Lauber is exposed to various allegations: for example, he violated the law because he did not record meetings with Infantino. The lack of recollection of the third meeting with the FIFA boss also scrutinized his confidence. Now comes the suspicion of an official secret. Because with Verhnau Vale, the prosecutor, Rinaldo Arnold (43) also participates in a third country that does not participate in the meetings between Lauber and Infantino.

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