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Lena Mayer-Landruck excited by a sexy photo shoot

Updated January 25, 2019, 15:58

This musician, Lena Meyer-Landrum, can also be leery, proving her many times in her account at Instagram. And so on a recent photo, the 27-year-old boy just published.

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After an eight-year relationship, Lena Meyer-Landrum recently announced her separation with a friend Max – and continues flirting with her appeal.

Picture of sexy pictures

At Instagram, the singer released a pretty hot photo of a photo session with photographer and friend Paul Humemann. In an erotically colored dress, Lena puts herself surrounded by plants – and leaves her look deep.

The lucky 27-year-old celebrates its curves: besides the asymmetric guest, the upper body of Lena is completely free. Pretty tempting!

Lena's slim look is particularly noticeable to fans. There is obviously no sign of pain in the division: "You look great," or "Color is mega" is in the comments to read. (Jkl)
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After eight years of relationship, Lena Meyer-Landrum has separated from her Max's new rumors about the offspring of Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin and the Angels of Sofia Tomala as a professional footballer. This and much more in the Love News of the Week.

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