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Megan Mark News: Evil fake rumors about the pregnancy of Duchess Megan!

Big events are rising Megan Markel and her husband, Prince Harry, in front of their shadow. A few weeks more, then the royal couple dream, who gave a word in May last year, first became parents. As with Kate Middleton, there are many strange rumors about the royal offspring. So you need to reveal the baby's skirt, the date of birth is also known and even the name of the child is already revealed.

Megan Mark is not pregnant? Giant dizziness around the pregnancy of Duchess Megan

But recent rumors put the crown as a whole. From great dizziness around pregnancy Now we are talking about Duchess Megan. As internet trolls are reported by Mirror, the firm belief that the 37-year-old is not actually pregnant at all. Evidence of these claims has already been found by the hating Megan-Mark.

Is everything fake? Megan Mark continues to touch her baby boom

Unlike her daughter-in-law, Duchess Kate, the Duchess of Sussex can not resist public appearances to emphasize her booby intentionally. Again and again, the 37-year-old man hits his growing marble and puts his hand on his stomach. Gesture that is known to future mothers, but in frequency makes it surprising and amazing.

Princess Megan carries under her clothes a fake belly or pillow

The Royal Conspiracy Theorists have already found a cause for the horrible belly: This gesture is needed to prevent the slippery pillow with which the Duchess Megan falsifies the pregnancy. Even a fake baby belly is on the Internet chat. Because of their rough ideas, the haters of Marle have even released their own hashta (#megxit after Brexit).

Other Twitter users are asking in this context whether Prince Harry knows about the false pregnancy or whether he is led by the alleged false belly for the nose.

Does not Duchess move megan and act like a pregnant woman?

As evidence of their theories, observers also saw the appearance of the duchess of Sussex at the Maui shelterOn that day, the former actress "Costumes" has leaned so far forward, as it should not have been possible for this real pregnant woman. Moreover, according to Netz Trolls, no pregnant woman would bend, knowing she had a baby in it.

One thing is certain: in a few weeks we will know exactly. By then, it's time for Megan fans, and their critics to wait and drink tea.

PICTURES: Megan Mark These are the most beautiful pregnant looks of Duchess Megan

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