Saturday , June 19 2021

Mother of Isabella T. († 20): "He does not show any remorse at all"

Like Isabella T. after a drugic party in JB's apartment (37) died, he had a Serbian spray in a carpet. The Dutchman does not regret it today. On the contrary. He wants to earn money from his death. Another blow to Isabella's mother.

About a year ago Isabella T. († 20) was dead, wrapped in a carpet found in a forest in Tundorf TG. A retiree finally discovered his body. Dutchman J.B. He is said to be the last to see Isabella T. alive before she collapses after the death of a drug addict in his apartment.

Instead of warning the ambulance, he later joined two Swiss to get rid of Arguerin's body. The unscrupulousness is not enough, he wanted to earn money with the death of the young Serb now! He offered LOOK to tell the exact story of the fateful night, asking for a big sum for him – what he did not agree with BLICK.

J.B. says he is happy

He is still free. He told LOOK that he was happy to work and that his life was improving every day. This is like a slap for the mother of Isabella Violeta T. "How is this possible? The man has no conscience. I ask God not to have to see him for the rest of my life.

«God will punish him»

The mother reacts fiercely when she reads J.B. on Wednesday in LOOK reads. "My daughter is dead and he's having fun. Did not she have to save her life? And instead, did you throw them in the carpet? "Violeta T. (43) is certain that the Dutchman does not get out so easily:" God will punish him. "

She hopes, however, that J.B. even in this world he gets his punishment. She knows: "There will be another question before the trial. I believe in justice. He will not just get away. He's in jail.

I'm a little distraught at work

Violeta T. thinks about her deceased daughter every day: "Only when I work, I am a little distracted, when I get out of business, think about Isabella all the time.

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