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Nadia Tofa is dead: Michelle Hunzicker in mourning for her girlfriend († 40)

Moderator Nadia Tofa was only 40 years old
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Nadia Tofa is dead, as announced on Tuesday. The Italian journalist and television presenter was only 40 years old. 2017 was with her cancer diagnosed only a little later Nadia Tofa made the disease public.

Nadia Tofa is dead: Italy's television star has died of cancer

In her official Facebook account of the La Lene program, through which Nadia Tofa became famous, her colleagues say goodbye. Among other things, the publication said"You fought with your head held high, with a smile, with dignity and with all your might, to this day. […] Nothing will be the same as us. "

Mourning for Nadia Tofa: Michel Hunziker Mourns Dead TV Journalist

also Michelle Hunzicker (42) Grieve publicly. The two women once had the same manager, Franchino "Frank" Tusio, who died in 2017. Hansiker writes in his official Instagram accountthat she always called Tofa a "warrior." However, she replied that it was a rock. She never tired of her ordeal, but it was always her great desire to live. "Who knows how many people have made you think about the meaning of life … We will miss you so much, Nadia," says Hunziker. It ends with the words: "Greet our Frank."

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