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New BMW M3: render with a giant grill

The upcoming BMW M3 is expected to be the fastest ever. A Russian website is called has made the new car. The chosen artist for the task believes that BMW is also the new M3 of a monstrous kidney grill. While we can sincerely hope that they are wrong, there may be something to be expected, especially given the huge grid of the new 7 Series and the X7.

On the render, the grid extends far below its usual zone and expands in the area usually reserved for the lower grate. In fact, it looks like the middle bore of the lower armor is completely absorbed by the kidney grilles and just halfway.

With this design, you will actually have to mount the front registration number almost in the center of the grid or sideways. Only: The overall package does not look really harmonious. We actually have a connection with the normal 3-series sedan in the M Sport. The M3 will differ from it with a completely black grill. But this is not certain because the former prototypes of M3, especially in the front, are still heavily masked.

Unless this area is characterized by a lot of barbecue. The kidneys of the new BMW seem to increase with every new model. Although the Series 3 is much smaller than the 7th, nothing will surprise us at this point. Perhaps the grille of the new M3 will be even thicker.

This rendering is also strong not just joke or some wild fantasy. The new M3 will be significantly different from the current 3 series. Insiders have stated that the new M3 will have a much larger grid with large, vertical nostrils, practically no different than a pair of Alfa Romeo grilles located side by side – or an Audi grille divided into two.

Some of us miss the days when the styling of BMW is kept quiet. Of course, we'll wait and see what the final car looks like before we make the final decision. However, if the M3 looks like this, then its driving dynamics really have to convince us to overlook this pitiful nose correction.


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