Tuesday , June 15 2021

New cab: Air France reduces business class in A330

The first A330 of the French airline has a new cabin. Business class offers fewer seats than before, and now more passengers will be in Airbus.

Air France equipped the first Airbus A330-200 with a new cab. By 2020, the French want to recover their 14 other aircraft of this type. In total, it costs 140 million euros. In return, Air France will be able to transport more passengers in the future.

So far, the airline has brought 208 passengers to its A330 – 40 in the business class, 21 in the premium economy and 147 in the economy. The new cabin will accommodate 224 passengers. The business class shrinks to 36, the premium economy remains unchanged at 21, and the economy rises to 167.

More separation of seats in Premium Economy

In the economy class, the seats will be tilted up to 118 degrees. The seat distance will be 79 centimeters – before it was more than 81 centimeters. The airline also announces: "You can use a larger table for work and eating and a touchscreen with almost 30 centimeters enjoy the onboard entertainment immediately after boarding, as the headphones are now available anywhere." according to Air France equipped with a socket and a USB port.

In the premium economy, the seats have solid bowls, 48.5 inches wide and can be tilted to 130 degrees. Seat distance rises from just under 97 to 102 centimeters. The airline promises a lumbar support that can be adapted to different body shapes, extra storage space, a wider leg stand, and a nearly 34 cm diameter HD screen.

Self-service bar and internet

The business class seat can be turned into a flat bed two meters long and 57.1 centimeters wide. For more privacy, one seat can be separated from the other by a partition. The new HD touchscreens have a screen diagonal of nearly 47 centimeters. There is also a self-service bar.

All guests on board can use the Air France Connect wireless service. There are three so-called passports: "Communication" -pass is free and allows to receive and send messages via apps. In addition, passengers will have access to the Air France website and the booking processing application. With Surf Passengers can browse the web and send emails. On A330 flights, they pay 8 euros or 2,700 miles per hour or 18 euros or 6,000 miles for the entire flight. The Stream passage costs 30 euros or 10,000 miles and allows fast surfing, streaming and downloading.

Which roads come when

From this winter timetable, Air France introduced the new A330 service cabin on the routes from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Accra (Ghana), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Houston. The flight schedule also includes routes from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Cotonou (Benin), Lagos (Nigeria), Niamey (Niger), Bangalore and Delhi (India) as well as to Seattle, Chicago and Dallas. Then Houston falls again.

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