Thursday , June 24 2021

New team, old colors, new hope

The fantastic bag of Formula One surprise has been discovered: Today, Racing Point introduced the paint of its new cars for the 2019 season in Toronto, Canada. The directions for the possible new design of the car did not exist in advance, so the presentation was a great surprise.

But the main feature of the old team is left: The main sponsor BWT continues to deliver a lot of pink to the car. However, compared to 2018, there are several blue spots in the car coming from the new sponsor of the team: Athlete Sportspace Sport. "Pink has become iconic in recent years," says team chief Otmar Schaffnauer.

Racing Point wants to sail again in calm waters in 2019 after having had a turbulent 2018 season. During the summer vacation, Force India suddenly filed for insolvency, which was caused by Sergio Perez and his sponsors – a rescue maneuver, as it turned out later.

Better positioned by Force India

Force India was desperately looking for a buyer and eventually found him in a consortium around Canadian entrepreneur Lawrence Sorthey. They took the starting position and the entire legacy of Vijayi Malaya's team and put a new budget into it. To the bitterness of the racing team, all previous seasonal points were canceled, but he could still fight for seventh place.

<img src = "” alt=”Lance Stroll, Sergio Perez” title=”Lance Stroll, Sergio Perez”/>

Lance Stroll moved from Williams to Racing Point scaling

2019 should be better. The walk brought fresh wind, fresh finance and new motivation for Silverstone. And most of all, he brought Lance's son to the team who, after two pretty disappointing years at Williams, wants to take the next step. Perez remains second in the team after saving the team, leaving room for Esteban Okon.

Racing Point continues this year with a successful partnership with Mercedes, whose drives are installed again in the back. One would like to build on the last successful time, as one of them landed for four consecutive years in fourth place in the World Cup and thus "Best of the rest" was. It is also the goal in 2019, and later wants to be more.

A few podium … and why not win?

"The long-term goal is for the team to climb to the top," says Szafnauer. "We just lay the foundations and it is important for us to make a good step forward in 2019." You want to drive for podiums alone.

Photos: Design Presentation Racing Point

Sergio Perez even goes with another giant step: although he talks about WM-Rangvier but would like to do more: "I will be pleased if we do the same on the podium a few times and why not do it with the first win win?

The trip also hopes to be on the podium after Baku 2017 and bring the team the desired success: "I am ready to help the team in this, we have a big body that has long been around for their real circumstances. "Greetings than ever before," he emphasized.

Racing Point should become a big name

By the way: For a long time, you've been thinking about how to call the team. But he eventually came to the conclusion that the previous name Racing Point was not wrong. "Because we are athletes," notes team chief Otmar Schaffnauer. Now you want to give this name a great story in Formula 1 and eventually attack the best teams and win.

The new car, which will be called RP19, will be introduced later. The car of the previous year, shown today, will be displayed in Toronto for a few more days.

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