Tuesday , June 15 2021

Payout study: The bar goes faster than the map

Cash continues. Many still resort to coins and banknotes when they pay. Although there are several alternatives. However, Bare has an advantage, as a new study shows.

If you are in a hurry, paying the cash box takes one night. At first someone searches for the credit card in his pocket, and the next person with Münz pays 22.65 francs. Now a study of the German Bundesbank shows how long perceived eternity is, in fact, average.

Surprising realization: who pays with money is faster. However, the higher the amount, the longer the payout is paid. For example, paying less than 10 francs costs an average of less than 18 seconds. Over 50 francs you have to rely on 32 seconds.

Smaller quantities, better preparation

According to the authors, there are several reasons for this: when buying small purchases, buyers often know how much it will cost. You are prepared and perhaps even count the amount.

For larger amounts, buyers will first wait until the end to decide on the payment option. In addition, people are likely to study more carefully with higher amounts if everything is correct.

Elderly people struggle with a pin

Not so great are the fluctuations in card and pin payments. Deeper amounts continue for an average of 23 seconds, higher 34. The clear advantage is the card from cash only with amounts over 100 euros. Significantly the longest takes a little to pay by card and signature.

For some time you can pay by credit card without contact. In addition, Switzerland with technologies such as Twint can also be paid by a smartphone. These payment options were not taken into account in the survey.

The study also examines the age factor. Therefore, it is advisable to stay in the cashier rather behind the younger ones. They tend to pay a little faster. Remarkably slower are over 60-year-olds when they pay with a card and a pin. (JFR)

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