Tuesday , June 15 2021

Porsche 911: The Best 911

The Porsche par excellence icon enters the eighth edition. The new 911 can do something better than its predecessor.

1. Design

Even the new looks optically true 911er. Despite the distinctive depressions of the wide hood. Despite the new continuous LED strip at the rear, the vertical blades and the stop light above the engine opening. Despite the wider fenders, recessed door handles and the center of the rear sports exhaust system.

Second interior

From outside and inside, the new retro-rail punishment: The board is very puristic; on the console there are only a few buttons for the most important functions. Cool: The cockpit of the analog tachometer – also a loan for Ur-Elfer – framed by two digital, freely configurable instruments.

3rd Engine

Even an icon must always meet tighter emission standards. That's why it's called Porsche from the last 911: turbo instead of vacuum. The eighth punishment provides even more: The six-cylinder double-decker box carries the Carrera S and the 4S (All Wheels) with 30 to 450 hp. (530 Nm) – with better efficiency (8.9 and 9.0 l / 100 km)

4. Implementation

More power means Carrera S: Everything is faster! Only 3.7 (4S 3.6) in seconds with Sport Plus 3.5 (3.4) seconds is required to sprint to 100 km / h. The top is new up to 308 (306) km / h. The new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission provides even faster gear shifts at full load.

Fifth chassis

A special twist on the suspension: Smaller stabilizers with harder springs – Pre-installed only in the Cup and GT models. Standard mixed tires with 20- (front) and 21-inch wheels (rear). The result is greater precision in curves, more feedback and a better driving feel – with the same level of comfort.

6. Feeling Driving

"It has never been so easy to manage 911." If anyone should know, then the racing legend Walter Rörl. Mini turbo deceleration at low speeds – negligible. The new 911 offers great pleasure, whether on the track or the narrow country road. In addition, the turbo throat sounded boxing sound despite the turbo-like genius.

7. Anti-aquaplaning

Standard wet detection: The new 911 makes it possible for the first time in the world. Acoustic sensors in the wheel arches recognize the state of the road, alert the driver and determine the traction and stability on the road. If the driver then activates the "wet mode", the response and aerodynamics are also optimized.

8. Criticism

This is a top-notch: Retractable door handles definitely help aerodynamics, but they are a little uncomfortable when opened. And the small step in the dashboard and the surfaces around the filigree gearshift may occasionally be a picking dust. Also, Navi can experience minor improvements in accuracy.

9. Price and conclusion

The new 911 is brilliant – the evil tongues almost claim to be clear – a sports car. He does everything better than his predecessor in March. It costs: For Carrera S, it's 156 francs, for 4S 4S at least 167 & 100 francs. If you like it cheaper, you have to wait until the summer: then there is the Carrera base (385 hp) of about 140,000 francs.

The original Elfer – the first of its kind

Frankfurt, 1963: The Porsche 901 will be presented as the successor of the 356 International Motor Show. Its concept: six instead of four-cylinder rear engine, air-cooled, boxer with 130 hp. But Peugeot makes a dash for the Germans. Due to the name dispute, the 901 was renamed 911 and began marketing in 1964 – the career began in the world. To date, Porsche has sold more than one million 911 models, with productivity rising from 130 hp. up to 700 hp

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