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Pregnant despite the cold – Helmstedt

In order for future mothers to enjoy their pregnancy despite the bitter cold, it is important to master some of the challenges of the winter months. Dr. Emanuel Stanek, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics at the Helios Clinic Helmsted Medical Center (MVZ), knows how healthy women go through the winter. "Generally, pregnant women should benefit from all possible options to prevent colds," says Dr. Stanek, according to a report by the Helios Clinic, to the women who visit him on the MVZ website in Schöningen. "This includes a varied diet with many vitamins and minerals that stimulate the immune system." Citrus fruits, kiwis, blueberries and peppers, spinach and broccoli are considered as bombs with vitamin C. Whole grains, meats and eggs contain zinc, which is important for strong immune protection.

Pregnant women are at risk of vitamin D deficiency in the winter months. Stamenek mentions the importance of vitamin D during pregnancy: "It is important for bone health and the effective use of calcium in the body. Too low levels of vitamin D can lead to long-term osteoporosis in pregnant women and symptoms of neonatal deficiency. UV rays ensure that the body produces this vitamin D.

"Basically, I expect future mothers to have a lighter sport and a lot of outdoor exercise if they adhere to certain rules," the specialist said. Normal walking, hiking or cross-country skiing without sporting ambitions are permitted for healthy pregnant women. "Pregnant women should feel comfortable with movement and make sure that the heart rate does not exceed 140 beats per minute. Staying over 2,500 meters is not optimal. At this height, the air contains less oxygen, so the mother can puff even with little effort and get to lack of oxygen in the unborn child.

According to the doctor, pregnant women should avoid winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, skating and snowshoeing. The risk of vibration or fall causing bladder rupture or premature detachment of the placenta is too great.

Many women appreciate the cozy warmth of the sauna during the winter months. Regular visits to the sauna support the immune system and strengthen the body's defense. The gynecologist knows, "After the first three months of pregnancy, there is nothing to prevent you from sweating on the wooden bench. I do not recommend more than two short sessions a week at 60 degrees. "

However, if the herpes cause an attack, pregnant women should not resort to medication. "The treating physician or midwife must absolutely approve all medications before taking it," says Dr. Stamen quoted in the report. "For some colds, rest and rest can often help for a day or two."

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