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Prince Harry and Duchess Megan: A romantic moment in Morocco

Updated February 26, 2019, 09:03

As the last stop of their three-day trip to Morocco, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan visited the capital Rabat. There, too, the royal couple was again excited with a gentle gesture.

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They hold hands, exchange love glances, and smile happily: Duchess Megan and Prince Harry show on their short trip through Morocco that they belong together. On the last day, prospective parents visit Moroccan capital Rabat – and here Harry only has eyes for his Megan.

Harry straightens Megan's hair

The couple walks around the market and can be there from the show of handmade merchandise. Megan's gaze falls on a long necklace that the owner of the stand carefully places around his neck.

As the Duchess arranges the jewels, Harry raises his tail and fixes his wife's hair. Then she caressed her with love for her back.

The affectionate gesture shows once again how gently Prince Harry takes care of the pregnant Megan – and is extremely well received by the royal fans. "Prince Harry is a real prince," wrote an Instagram user.

Another user commented, "It gives me hope that these great men are still somewhere out there waiting for me."

By the way, Prince Hari did not give his hair to Megan for the first time. When the 37-year-old presented her charity cookbook in the past year, the gust of wind swung to her open hair. But Harry hurried to save and gently put his hands on his head.
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