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Red ribbon in the district: Aids-Hilfe Styria serves the district

Aidshilfe Steiermark is touring under the slogan "I want to know!" through Weiz district.

There were 58 people in Styria in 2017 who were diagnosed with HIV infection for the first time. This is an increase of 26 percent compared to 2016. To draw attention to this unpleasant development and to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS, Aidshilfe Styria toured the Weiz district.

High therapy costs

40 percent of diagnoses are made very late. This means that those affected have been carrying the virus for years, so that they burden their own health and may endanger others because of carelessness. Because of the growing medical treatment options, people who are infected today can lead an almost normal life, but the big problem still is that patients infected with HIV or AIDS will become stigmatized in our society, explained Manfred Rupp, head of Aidshilfe Steiermark. In addition, the average cost of care for people infected with HIV throughout life is between 400,000 and 500,000 euros.

Weiz District Tour

Until World AIDS Day, which took place on December 1, Aidshilfe Styria in Weiz district wanted to do a tour "I want to know!" create awareness and inform people through lectures, free and anonymous testing, and campaign of posters and red ribbons in public buildings.
During the lecture "Aids, is this something else for us?" will be discussed on November 15 at Paracelsusapotheke Weiz and on November 27 at Gleisdorf Kulturkeller on this issue. Health Adviser Christopher Drexler stressed that this disease should not be forgotten: "Because of treatment options, HIV infection can now be treated, but we must not downplay this disease."

Anonymous testing

In Graz you can be tested anonymously and free of charge at the Aidshilfe Steiermark. Test results are obtained within three to five days. Quick tests allow results after half an hour. 80 percent of the people tested at this time from Graz and the surrounding area, with a tour to the district they want to make it easier for people there to get access to HIV testing. "I hope that the district tour will increase awareness of this important topic and reduce exposure to people affected by infection," Rupp said.

Graz Testing: Cell, Wed, Thurs: 4.30 – 19.00, Hans-Sachs-Gasse 3,
8010 Graz
Weiz tour: Lecture "AIDS, is this something else for us?" 15:11: 19, Paracelsus Pharmacy, Weiz. 27.11: 7 nights, Kulturkeller Gleisdorf. 1.12 .: World AIDS Day: Area52 photo campaign.
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