Tuesday , July 27 2021

Shortly before "Black Friday": Disturbing Amazon data cracking

The Amazon site publishes customer names and email addresses. The online giant announced the leak of data shortly before "Black Friday".

Data leak in the foolish time: Shortly before "Black Friday" in the online giant Amazon, the names and email addresses of the customers were posted on the site. This confirms the company on Wednesday night. The reason for the data breach is a technical bug.

How many customers were affected, Amazon has not yet announced. "We fixed the error and informed all customers who may have been affected," quoted the American web site "TechCrunch" Amazon spokesman. The American group denied rumors of a hacker attack. Neither the company's systems nor the website have been simplified. The passwords were also safe, the spokesman said.

Disappointed customers

Customers in the US and Europe have announced a message from Amazon on social media. It says, "You do not have to change your password or take any other action."

Many Internet clients were disappointed with the little information provided by the online giant. (Nim)

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