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Ski World Cup: Shiffrin received advice from Federer

Ski superstar Mikaela Schifring (23) will miss two World Cup competitions, deliberately taking a break. She likes to be inspired by Roger Federer and Tina Laby.

Mikaela Schifring returns to Are, mingling with fans on Monday in the target area of ​​the men's coach. After its gold medal in Super-G, Norway's ski trainer prepared for the technology race on Thursday (giant) and Saturday (slalom), with the exception of the World Cup race.

Even during his absence, the 56-time World Cup winner in the ski circus gave a theme for conversation. Schifring had to justify himself to the American legends Bode Miller and Lindsey Vaughn who did not understand their plans for race. For example, Vonn could not understand that her compatriot, after Super-G-Gold, left the wagon and the exit to fly. "He could win everything," said Wonn.

Schiffrin repudiated his account at Instagram: "I am flattered by Bode and Lindsay's recent statements, who think I can become an early contender in all five World Cup competitions. But everyone has a look at gold. So if someone thinks I could come and dance with four or five medals, that would be a wild erroneous judgment and really disrespectful. "

Federer's advice

The fact that the 23-year-old is planning his racial missions so well and refraining from racing during the World Cup has something to do with Roger Federer. The Swiss tennis icon and the American skiing star met at a sponsorship event in Chicago last fall. "He told me that I had to take the time to celebrate my achievements and to enjoy the moments with my family and friends. I took this advice to my heart, "reveals Shifrin to the Sport Buzzer.

Mike Day, who has been training Shiffrin for three years, tells The New York Times: "A year ago, we were last to celebrate a victory." That changed. Schifrin himself says he has never enjoyed a season like this. "We go out after a race and enjoy a nice dinner with the team, and we laugh and try to relax a bit, so we are even more successful."

Schifring also received advice similar to that of Federer by Tina Laby. The Slovenian has set a record in 2014 with 2414 points for the World Cup, which can now be broken by Shiffrin. "After the last race, Tina looked into my eyes and said," Do not do it! "She remembers Shifrin, and for Maze the record season is too exhausting." Tina has always been an example to me, and I wanted to achieve what she did at that time, but she told me that this season was ruining her. he forgot.

Over 700 points for the World Cup are missing from Shiffrin this season, up to the Maze brand. With their current average of 85 racing points, 935 points will be added to the eleven unresolved events. So Schiffrin could soon remove the Labyrinth record. Thank you Federer's tip. (CMUE)

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