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Sleep also needs its "cookie" – a culture

Slowly and silently, the white feathers rise and fall into the funnel of black speakers as if breathing. The sounds that cause the movement are not heard about the visitors as intended. You must first find your inner peace before you fall into the world of sleep. This is certainly not wrong, especially when you have a lot of irritation and fear. Because society has lost more and more healthful attitude to sleep over the centuries, according to exhibition makers.

Science shows us that we are sleeping more and more irregularly, less and less. Few have boasted in the past with a little sleep with devastating consequences – less compassion for others, irritability, hallucinations, unhealthy eating habits. Luckily, sleep Roger Federer Enough how much, one learns infographically – almost 12 hours a day.

But a quarter of the Swiss say they are suffering from sleep disorders. The vicious circle you can turn to illustrate what it means to those affected. Audio technical stations include advice from researchers and reports from the lives of people suffering from sleep apnea or from night work for more than 20 years. At the same time, one turns to the spirals of sleep-rituals in the form of capsules. The exhibition is visually diverse and interactive. It shows what works, but also clears the myths – milk with honey is the most placebo.

How to lose a good culture of sleep

Even those who do not have a sleep disorder can learn a lot. The fact that people have dealt with the subject of millennia shows a historical outline of the dream culture over the centuries.

During the Stone Age, people slept on a sitting, divided into two phases. It is true that the dream is celebrated in antiquity. In bed everything is allowed, sleep, party, eating, and then sleeping again. All this in public. Under the sun King Louis XIV, the bed has finally become a symbol of status. In industrialization, even the deeper strata could finally afford one. But the dream itself is beginning to suffer incredibly – artificial light is invented, factory workers have to work, not rest. At the beginning of the 21st century, our sleep is disturbed by more and more factors – thoughts about the many tablets, smartphones and laptops whose bright light shines before many people before falling asleep and keeping them artificially awake.

For this, man has invented many things to cope with growing exhaustion – from increasingly expensive bedroom furniture to bioplane and measuring devices. The absurdity of data collection, without solving the true nature of the problem, shows artist Susan Morris. She weaved the dates of her dream that she had worn on her wrist for three years in a carpet.

The picture is restless, even if the artist does not know exactly what to read from all the amazing lines, according to the curators. We will say: Maybe you just have to stop trying to measure everything. Maybe you just have to afford "lamps" like the too big a teddy bun, which is in the next room of a white Sharg.

The turning point is Powernapbox

The visitor himself, of course, can fall asleep. Or on the undulating sofa of Powernapbox, or on the bed of a hotel with capsules after the Japanese model. They are both in the seven parts of the exhibition, wondering if we are now at a turning point where we finally have a nice place in society.

Those who are dizzy after the many questions and facts with which the exhibition shakes the visitor awake, escaped into the sleep world. For example, those of the French artist, Wergele Novaryna. He has been sleeping for more than 20 years. His field of expertise: Novarina marks lightning in brief waking phases that come directly from deep sleep – not from another sleep phase. The tests in the sleep lab confirmed this and were made for astonished scientists.

Sleep experience in the showcase

The fulfillment of sleep is another hobby Novarinas. As part of the exhibition he slept in the showcase of the Seedamm center in Pfäffikon. Well, he slept there, the artist writes on request.

He did not fall asleep two nights before the show. Even though he is a professional, even Novarina is not easy to stay awake. Fresh air and showers help. Too tired, sleeping in society is no longer difficult for him. It also uses a sleeping mask and ear caps.

His action met with interest. "Is he really sleeping?", "Why is he so tired?" – although he has not seen the video of his performance, he has listened to the audience's reactions, especially the children are curious. There was no surprise in Pfffkikon. "In Paris, a woman went to bed with me, and in Marseille a revolutionary wanted to break the window.

But why does anyone sleep in front of everyone? – You usually hide to sleep. This is very intimate and supposedly nothing to be seen, "says Novarina, but there is a great gap between the still-looking passenger and the wealth of his inner experience, and he tries to reduce this gap with his work.


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