Sunday , June 20 2021

That's what the former Missen of Yastina Doreen's dismissal says

This has never happened in the history of Miss Switzerland: Jastina Doreen Riederer has denied the title. That's what their predecessors say.

Shock in Miss World: Immediate release of Yastina Doreen Riederer (20) uses Miss Switzerland's former crown carrier. "I think it would be a shame if she was the last miss," says Tanya Gutman, 41, who was in office in 1997. "This will be a negative end that will remain in the minds of the people."

Also, Jennifer Anne Gerber (37), the winner of the 2001 title, is concerned about the current image of the Missen title: "The organization missed the relationship years ago. <Германия на следващия топ модел> makes the choice older. "To the fired Riederers she could not comment in detail. However, she warns: "Working like a Miss requires the highest professionalism. Disallowing is impossible. »

Sylvia Aflöter did not even know that there was one more missed one

Entrepreneur Silvia Affolter (54), Ms. Switzerland from 1984, said she was more relaxed: "Until the announcement of the publication I did not even know that there was one more holder!" -Schweiz title again a little attention ».

"I'm disappointed at how this all works," says Riederer's predecessor Lauriane Sallin (Miss Switzerland 2015). "It is a pity that they carry everything publicly." Jastina advises her to defend herself and protect her: "Now she has to go through difficult times."

Miss Switzerland 1999, Anita Buri (40), accompanied Riederer for three months as a bookstore. "This chapter is for me," she says. "I had a good relationship with Jastina Doreen. We understood ourselves well and called each day during our temporary assignment. "After all," I wish Jastina every success for the future. "

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