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The Bad Time of "The Hits of Summer" by Florian Silberazen

Due to a heavy storm, the record from the television show, "The Hits of the Summer," had to be stopped on Saturday night.

He had to be a happy Schlagerfest – but then a thunderstorm to the organizers bill bill. On Saturday, the recording of Florian Silberazen's show (37) "Hits of the Summer" had to be canceled. The reason: A Storm stormed the Saxon Clafenbach (D).

Immediately after the performance of singer Ross Antoni (45) began: Rain and wind starred by stars and about 3000 spectators. They were asked to temporarily remove the Wasserschloss Klaffenbach yard for safety reasons.

Florian Silberazen appeared in the rain

According to the Schlager.de website, chaotic conditions prevail. Guests were asked to shelter their cars from the thunderstorm. Visitors without a car should seek protection in other vehicles.

In Twitter, MDR reports the interruption of the recording.

Later, the organizer announced that he had to interrupt the Schlager show's recording for an hour. Then it was switched on.

And Florian Silberazen? His brother recently said that the relationship with Helen Fischer (34) had probably failed. The full professional was not noticeable. He stood on stage even in torrential rain and made a good mood. After the appearance, the singer was taken with an umbrella in the dry. (PAF)

The "Hits of the Summer" is scheduled for August 10th. Other guests are among the others Maya Kelly (39), Thomas otherwise (56) and Stefanie Hertel (39).

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