Monday , June 21 2021

The board of directors confirmed – A missed plane found by the player Sala – Sport

The Advisory Board Confirms – Missing Aircraft Found by Soccer Player Sala – Sports – SRF

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A spokesman for the British Investigation Agency, AAIB, confirmed the intention of the French news agency AFP.

The small plane with Cardiff's Emiliano Salah disappeared on Jan. 21 during a flight from Nantes to Cardiff, about 20 kilometers north of Landerland. The plane was now open. "I can confirm that it was found," said a spokesman for the British Investigation Agency AAIB.

Demand for helicopters and ships was previously fruitless and was subsequently terminated. Last Wednesday, two pillows washed off the coast of the French coast, which must belong to the missing plane. The search for the two prisoners continues underwater with a special ship.

Sala had expressed her fear in a voice message just before the plane disappeared. "I'm on an airplane that seems to fall apart and I'm on my way to Cardiff," he told friends and relatives. "If you do not hear me in an hour and a half: I do not know if they send someone, they will never find me.

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