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The city of Geneva publishes a list of city council expenditures

The Geneva city council has demanded a list of municipal government expenditures over the past ten years. The previous Auditor Court criticized the excesses.

Annegret Mathari, Geneva

Member of the National Council Manuel Tornare (sp). (Picture: Gaëtan Bally / Keystone)

Member of the National Council Manuel Tornare (sp). (Picture: Gaëtan Bally / Keystone)

The Geneva city government published a comprehensive list of fees for its members between 2007 and 2017 on Thursday. The front runner is National Advisor Manuel Tornare (sp) today. The city council office, which includes representatives of all parties, has requested the list from the Auditor's Court after finding excessive charges by city council members in early November. Through the affair, the figures also reached French-language Swiss television broadcast, RTS, which published figures on Wednesday. As a result, the City of Geneva sent documents to the media on Thursday, "for the sake of transparency", not without sharply criticizing leakage.

40,000 francs a year

Of the eight city council members who held office between 2007 and 2017, SP politician Manuel Tornare, who was elected as a member of the National Council in 2011, claimed most of the expenditure. On average, he spends more than 40,000 francs per year. He also has the highest transportation costs and also higher telephone costs than his colleagues.

Tornare told RTS, a Swiss television broadcaster, that the high cost of his trip explained that he had to travel several times to the Chinese city in 2010 in connection with the Swiss pavilion at the World Exhibition in Shanghai. Tornare was the mayor of the city in 2008 and 2009 – in their press release, the City of Geneva stated that this office was associated with excessive expenditure. In addition, Tornare stressed that his expenditure report was controlled by various authorities.

Regarding the cost of his telephone calls (around 13,000 francs in 2011), he said that at that time there were no Swisscom subscriptions with the current benefits. And when he met with customers to eat, he could save money for the city of Geneva.

Barazzone finished second

Guillaume Barazzone (cvp.) Is the second on the list, averaging 38,000 francs a year. He was criticized by the Court of Auditors primarily for telephone and internet costs of 17,000 francs in 2017. He acknowledged "unwanted mistakes" and has so far been the only city council to pay money, around 52,000 francs. Barazzone is before the eyes of justice. Currently investigating whether he has received punitive benefits, because he was invited last year by a friend to the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi.

Salerno with the lowest cost

Behind Barazzone occupied the city of president Sami Kanaan (sp.), Who held this office in 2014/15, with an average of 27,000 francs in third place, in front of Esther Alder (Green) with 26,000 francs and Pierre Maudet (fdp.), In June 2012 moved to cantonal executives, with 22,000 francs. During his year as mayor, Maudet had a telephone fee of 13,000 francs. He confirmed this at the request of the fact that the city's previous cell phone contract did not contain unlimited discussion or unlimited surfing. Such a subscription was only introduced last July. Rémy Pagani from Ensemble à Gauche an average of 19,000 francs and Sandrine Salerno (sp.) Of around 14,000 francs. Salerno has served as city president twice in the past ten years.

The Geneva prosecutor's office meanwhile has begun the procedure for an unfair administration, officially against unknown. The five city councils must now be available as respondents. On Wednesday, the public prosecutor's office searched homes in the city council offices and elsewhere in the city.

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