Saturday , January 23 2021

The first Russian discounter "Mere" opened on Tuesday in Leipzig

On Tuesday, Russian merchant of goods Torgservis opened Leipzig his first store Germany"We are opening at 9 am," the spokesman for the German TS subsidiary on the market said on Monday at LVZ's request. In the former Aldi Market in the Treff Trade Center Portitz"In the far north of the trade fair on Monday evening until late, from the upcoming opening day on Tuesday, there was still nothing, only:" We will soon open. "Working hours: Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm.

In the 930 square meter store, the company wants food offer at wholesale prices; is sold directly from a pallet. The name of the new chain: "ordinary"(Romanian for Apple) More 100 Stores East Germany follows. The second location is already set: Zwickau, The German subsidiary Torgservis TS-Markt is already looking for an internet location store manager.

Originally, the store must be in Leipzig is already open in mid-December. The operator then postponed the appointment until the end of January. The new store will be up to ten employees Leipzig-Portitz – in addition to the store manager who has been on board since the end of last year. Otherwise, the team is obviously not yet complete: Each of them is still looking for sellers.

Sales directly from a pallet

Especially sold food in the lower price segment. This will represent 70 percent of the range. The rest of the assortment should be based on pet products, household goods,. T clothing missed.

The concept is radically cut to cheap: in the Romanian capital Bucharestwhere the chain begins in 2018,ordinaryAt the opening, local disconcers for coffee, salt, milk, sausages and noodles are undercut by 20%. And also in Germany The TS operator market promises "good goods for a little money" and "only low prices every day".

100 places everywhere East Germany planned

from fine yarn Torgservis wants to come out completely East Germany to move – and Aldi, Lidl Attack & Co. There must be more than 100 seats. We are looking for stores everywhere East Germany – but only in cities of 80 000 inhabitants. to Leipzig and Zwickau will come fine yarn only with him Dresden and Chemnitz taking into account, in Thuringia Erfurt, Gera and Jena, in Saxony-Anhalt Hall, Magdeburg and Dessau,

In addition, it will come to other eastern states Potsdam, Cottbus, Rostock, Schwerin – and of course Berlinwhere the headquarters of the newly established TS-Markt GmbH is based. Then the old states have to follow, they said in the company.

in Russia Torgservis has long been successful with its radical, inexpensive concept: stores seem to be the first disconnectors in the new countries shortly after the fall of the Wall. It is sold directly from the pallet and from the box. Shelves do not exist. In the assortment are almost only cheap own brands. There are about 600 stores of the Svetofor (chain) and Mayak (lighthouse) chains.

from Frank Johansen

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