Sunday , June 13 2021

The jungle camp star Sandra Chiriasias: Four years ago she lost a baby: "For my ex, it was more than a day of joy"

The star of the jungle camp today, Sandra Kiriasis, showed an unfamiliar country. The Olympic champion broke up in the jungle in tears, and for the first time publicly spoke of a miscarriage that she suffered in 2015.

"Tell people your story life," former jungle camper Indira Weis (39) advises her girlfriend. And that's what Sandra Kiriasis (44) did today. The Olympic gold medalist, who until now has remained quite unobtrusive in the jungle camp and does not talk about personal issues, pours his heart to the audience. There were sudden tears in the jungle phone. The reason for her emotional outburst? Felix van Deventer (22) Baby News. The GZSZ star announced a few days ago at the camp that she would soon become a father for the first time.

"It's good and I'm happy for it, but at the same time sadden me," Sandra admitted. Talking about it is worth the 44-year-old visibly overcome.

"My former child did not want children, and in 2015 I lost one," she said. It was a happy day for him. When I left the bobsled, everyone was thinking, a person who had been in contact for so long, then they always look and ask. Then say "he does not want to," always sounds silly and then say "no palpitations" is also not good. "

"I've always wanted to have kids"

"I always wanted to have children," she said with tears. – He did not want it – with me. Of course, now I would like to have a child, but I am aware that at my age I can not do it. Well, she's out now! she said, and took a deep breath. Felix also told her her own personal story and received a lot of comfort and encouragement from her future dad.

Her emotional confession certainly requires many of the 44-year-old youth. We wish Sandra sincerely that her dream will come true.

In the video below, the psychologist gives advice: that is why I am dealing with the sadness of my deceased child.

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