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The Mercedes shows great Unimogs and huge trucks

Actros, Arocs and Atego, as well as special vehicles such as Unimog, will be seen in Bauma 2019 (from 8 to 14 April) in Munich, from light, medium and heavy truck vans to heavy duty tractors. 22 vehicles admiring the construction machinery fair.

At the heart of the world's leading trade fair for the construction industry is the so-called A-team: Arocs, Actros and Atego. There are also cars that you probably know better: X-Class, Citan, Vito and Sprinter. Professionals such as Unimog, but also the lesser-known Econic and Zetros are very fascinating. In addition, Daimler shows Fuso Canter.

Actros, Arocs and Atego

on seriously The cabin segment of the Mercedes covers the new Actros and Arocs. While Actros is more for a total load, Arocs focuses on the construction sector. The new Actros highlights, introduced in the fall of 2018, include the Active Drive Assist (ADA) stand-alone drive system and MirrorCam exterior mirror exterior mirrors.

Daimler Commercial Vehicles of Bauma 2019
Daimler Commercial Vehicles of Bauma 2019
Daimler Commercial Vehicles of Bauma 2019

As with much more recent cars, there is also a braking system with Active Brake Assist 5 and Pedestrian Detection and Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC). Large cockpit displays are also reminiscent of smaller stars like Class A. Finally, Atego, the third member of Team A, is one moderate Truck. The options have a total weight of 7.5 to 16 tons. Depending on the application, Atego has a four or four-wheel drive.

Unimog, Zetros and Econic

Among the special Mercedes cars, Unimog is certainly the most famous. The "Universal Power Supply" offers outstanding off-road and endless options, many of which are also suitable for the construction industry. Unimogs U 216 to U 530 on all drive wheels can be upgraded with a wide variety of attachments and attachments. Unimogs U 4023 and U 5023 are high-end professionals and vehicles, equipment, materials and crew at any place.

Daimler Commercial Vehicles of Bauma 2019
Daimler Commercial Vehicles of Bauma 2019
Daimler Commercial Vehicles of Bauma 2019

Lesser known is the Mercedes Zetros, a rugged Langhauber with all-wheel-drive technology. It is the case for the hardest work on terrain. Two-and three-wheel vehicles combine exceptional off-road capability, indestructible technology and truck load. Accordingly, they occur, for example, in opencast mines or mines.

Finally, Mercedes Econic is an urban professional that can also be found in building traffic in some countries. The low-entry cabin with a low entry position, a low seating position and panoramic glazing is characteristic, and thus the best visibility for pedestrians and cyclists. For Econic there is an Assist Assist with pedestrian detection, a ribbon warning, adaptive cruise control and a rotation assistant.

Mercedes Vans: Citan, Vito, Sprinter and X-Class

As the "Vans" Mercedes-Nutzfahrzeugexperten describe the cars, ordinary people rather carriers call: the urban van Citan, the slightly larger Vito (van or wagon called Vito Tourer) and the Van Sprinter van (in endless variations such as a flat, double cabin ), Tipper, panel wagon and wagon, with special bodies and extensions and front, rear and four-wheel drive). But also the Mercedes-Benz, X-Class, will be a commercial vehicle in the construction sector.

Fuso Canter

Newbies for commercial vehicles stop many times when they hear that Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is a Daimler vehicle. But this is true: "Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation" (with the well-known Mitsubishi logo with three diamonds) is part of the Stuttgart concert since 2003.

Daimler Commercial Vehicles of Bauma 2019

With 3.5 to 8.55 tons of total weight, Canter submits under Atego. The light truck offers a relatively high payload, great maneuverability and robust construction, according to Daimler. These properties are particularly important in construction and ancillary transactions. For off-road use, the Fuso Canter can be ordered with a four-wheel drive with a gearbox and rear-wheel differential lock.

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