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The new game at the end of time "Days Gone" for Playstation 4 in the test

In some dangerous situations, you just have to escape. photo: zvg

«Days gone by»: Why is Simon not so enthusiastic, Togy much

Again the post-apocalyptic world captivates the screen for hours. After a pandemic, social structures no longer exist, and egoism and violence dominate the world. In this chaos man seeks his missing wife and stumbles into numerous clichés at the end of time.

Simon Dick, Patrick

Simon's detailed review:

And again the world has fallen. This time, however, no atomic bomb, such as Far Cry New Dawn or Metro Exodus, is responsible for the complete collapse, but it is said to be a "simple" pandemic. With mysterious sickness, everything has dropped. People became either violent egoists, or the so-called Freakers. These are particularly aggressive, fast and hungry contemporaries who like to eat human flesh.

Looking for a woman

In the midst of this post-apocalyptic world, we take the role of a deacon bull and hunter who lives with Buzer in a small camp in the US Northwest. Since they do not want to join a larger group, they have decided to go alone. Together they are looking for scrap, ammunition, gasoline and other utensils needed to survive.

In the safe camp is prepared the further journey to the north. photo: zvg

But Deacon is always somewhere else with his thoughts. Wife Sarah disappeared after the outbreak two years ago. The special hero put them in a rescue helicopter that took them out of the dangerous way while he was left in hell with the wounded Buzer. Two years have passed. And in the room, there is still uncertainty about whether Sara is still alive. Deacon finally wants to go north to start a new start. But until this happens, the engine must be well-prepared for the trip.

The motorcycle becomes a vital vehicle. photo: zvg

My friend, the motorcycle

Anyone who has always wanted to be as casual and cool as Daryl Dixon in the TV series "Walking Dead" on a motorcycle with a crossbow through a devastated area now has the opportunity to do so. Not only is the motor a simple vehicle to get from A to B, but it's also vital to escape Freakers and other evil drivers.

In this police car there are certainly a few more valuable parts. photo: zvg

But the mobile subset also wants to be maintained. You should regularly collect parts of the scrap to repair the motorcycle. Also, gasoline often (sometimes very often) loads and deserves credits that are allowed for a vehicle technically and visually in the course of the game.

Even if everything looks calm, the world after the fall has become very rough. photo: zvg

Not very new in the West

The starting point is true: the story begins exciting, many questions want to be clarified and driving a motorcycle makes you feel gloomy. You almost feel like "Red Dead Redemption 2" when you explore the world with your horse. But you quickly feel that there is no depth in Days of Extinction. In the open gaming world, beyond the camps, there are places or others who want to be discovered and robbed, but rarely find suitable mini-dramas.

There may be something important to get into this broken plane. photo: zvg

Even individual camps where people gather after the pandemic seem lifeless, although many survivors are certainly present. But you can not interact with almost anyone. You do not learn anything about individual destinies. Heroes are just extras that have nothing to say.

The passionate story of the deacon is clearly focused. photo: zvg

Only the main characters look deeper in the cutscenes. The focus remains clear throughout Diacon's and his desperate search for his wife. Although he encounters many badly injured people who have to be protected or rescued, but here is usually the scratch-scratching surface. It is a pity, but this fantastic post-apocalyptic world has something to say, it can be said.

The tension comes and goes

So you are torturing something in the first few hours and follow the things you need to stop playing at the end of time. You must collect ammunition and scrap, always make sure you find kites and bandages. As a head hunter, you do the usual job, save people or pursue drug dealers to make someone a favor in the camp. Or you can clean the Freakers' nests with a variety of weapons or bombs to make the area safer. And of course, you have many experience points that allow you to unlock new abilities.

Behind closed areas, brute force often waits. photo: zvg

Only after doing some of the usual genre clichés comes a slow tension. Especially if you learn with loving memories, how do you know his beloved wife Sarah and what they have experienced. Such scenes are accents and a very depressing mood.

If such a horde appears, it is best to just run. photo: zvg

It also becomes exciting when you find members of a mysterious government unit and learn more about the background of the pandemic. But a man is finally rewarded with dialogue or cutscenes and learns more basic knowledge, you are already thrown back into the world of the game and you have to face normal tasks. Hungry you are left behind and look forward to the next story.

With the right weapon, individual opponents are too healthy. photo: zvg

We have a technical problem here …

No matter how beautiful the outcast world is, as beautiful as the weather effects reflect the sad mood, the technique is so unattractive. Fraudulent objects and figures are manageable. Even if the motorcycle suddenly flew a meter wide, you can still laugh at it …

Before the storm always has to first examine the situation. photo: zvg

But when suddenly all the sound effects just disappear and you have to play a dull game, the pleasure passes. In such situations, the game must be completely turned off so the sound effects return after restarting. We hope it is necessary to correct the problem. Or it's just a problem with the test pattern. You do not know exactly …

Even "normal" people regularly want a deacon on the collar. photo: zvg

Very strong moments

Beyond the technical deficiencies and the unsatisfactory balance of stories, "Days Missing" also has very strong moments: if you are surprised in the wild or during a mission by a horde of people coming from the thicket, the blood freezes in the veins. And when you hear the monsters squeak in a dark tunnel full of cars and carcasses, you want to go back.

When it comes to the atmosphere, "Days of Gone" plays in the top league. photo: zvg

Usually in this ultimate world there is a gloomy, very painful mood: the cult movement regularly tortures its new members, people are raped, and in the Freakers' nests you can almost feel the smell of dirt. The company is definitely shattered after the pandemic. You really do not want to live in this sunken world.

It takes patience

Conclusion: "Days Gone" has a very dense, plausible atmosphere that is further accompanied by a very harmonious soundtrack. The desperate search of the missing wife is said to be plausible and you just have to wait for the exciting final and finally get answers.

But as this does not happen, the game sometimes turns into grief, and the bad balance between history and active play has a negative impact on motivation. Whenever it becomes really exciting, you get back into the world of the game and you have to agree with clichés of the last time.

For example, "Days gone by" often go to work to make shallow missions in the pile until finally rewarding a controversial clip. In some places you need to force yourself properly to resist. But all the effort is useful after all.

Togy's opinion after 20 hours of play

Simmy. You are right in most respects.

At first glance, the days of days gone by do not offer many accents: history, storytelling and mood are just as not remarkable, as in "The Last of Us". The graphics, the game and the possibilities for interaction are just as remarkable as "Red Dead Redemption 2". Motorcycle as a gadget is nice. But there is also a good conversation with the neighbors.

If you are not in a state of euphoria, Simmy, then I understand it, but I also understand that you have almost finished the game. But he had to go through it. For this review. And there is the problem.

Now I have about 20 hours on the music box and I'm not even half. I really like Days gone by. But I was not forced to rush.

What do I need to enjoy the game? Not really.

Sometimes a brilliant idea (Tetris, Populous) or a brilliant peculiarity (unrivaled driving with Mario Kart) is enough. "Days Gone" has such a remarkable feature – and you, Simy, keep from us: this is the gameplay.

Maybe it's lucky. Maybe Studio Bend has put a lot of time into fine tuning of game dynamics and level design instead of the hero's beard growth. Maybe the developers have helped with the "Siphon Filter" series. I really dare.

So, if you write, "Days gone missing" often "goes to work" to make shallow missions on the pile … "then I have to contradict you.

No. It has nothing to do with work. It's easy. Already on the first mission ("Deacon, take us gas!") "Days gone by" awakens the worrying ambition to save the world with the most stylish murders possible. Oh, shit, the shot was not optimal. Reload. Argul, I was open. Reload. The unclean mission is over. Reload.

The survival strategy map of Days of Missing is multifunctional: melee combat, masked people, remote, motorcycle, firefighting bombs, individually killed or maybe just blasting a whole group, run away, yes, why even Escape – Every delicacy that gives the corrupt souls of the player. On the golden tray.

Now I'm just saying that "Days of the Outdated" offers an almost unsurpassed set of really useful combat tactics. Other games attract in number but magic is in balance. And "Days of Missing" also delivers Desserts: With little skill, the entire Freakers' hordes can be "ruled" – for example, in highway camps. It takes a little patience, but the shouting will be as strong as the screaming of the slaughter.

Why should we do it? Because of the fun. Gameplay of Days of Past Days is self-sufficient and this is one of the strongest aspects of the game.

It is true that Gone Days does not rediscover the wheel here, but skillfully uses the strengths of well-known titles – and almost completely eliminates the weaknesses. The Deacon has a nice speed, the fast memory system is very fast, the controls are responsive, and if you do not want to rub the bike's bike jeans, you'll enjoy the fast travel system. On a delicate pavement stroll between challenge and chic, Studio Bend always chooses the challenge. Well done.

Yes, you can do the missions without any extras and no style claims. The degree of difficulty and stupidity of AI allow this (unfortunately) to – as a small string. So advice: Begin in the same way in Hard's difficulty. It is known that the need is inventive.

I would never dare to deny you, Simmy, the playful attribute – or even to call you flawless. As a professional game tester, you have to complete the game before the test report. The corresponding time pressure does not encourage playfulness. But that's the power of this game.

Those who are looking for an open-world saga will be disappointed (and will probably be better served with Red Dead Redemption 2). However, those who like to choose whole hordes of Fieslingen as elegantly as possible and rich in variety will be happy for a long time with "Days gone by."

"Days Gone" will be available only on Playstation 4 from April 26 and will be released from the age of 18.

Are you looking forward to "Days of Missing Days" or are you using end-of-game games? Comment column open!

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