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"The Next Top Model of Germany" 2019: Paris Hilton throws out Lena

Updated April 26, 2019, 07:18

You can blame Heidi Klum, but she does not have enough ideas for meaningless challenges. But with all the absurd ideas that were seen earlier in Germany's "Next Top Model," the last episode is likely to be the most strange story. And all that Clum needed was a lot of foam, balloons and Paris Hilton.

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– She belongs to hell! With this sentence Sarah drew on the previous episode, though a preliminary, but very clear, conclusion of his dispute with Simon. Let's start looking at episode twelve with good news: Simon, her beautiful skin issues it, she was not in hell.

The fact that her somewhat non-specific request is not fulfilled, especially Sarah is looking forward to the most, because she is sorry for her words. She accepts the apology rather preserved, which the man at the meeting is obviously an invitation to make the dispute between the two again this week on the topic.

Since Dauergzänk's protagonists are now irritated, at this point we will take care of the details and we will just briefly mention that now Heidi Klum personally takes care of the matter, because in the kitchen, Klum's psychology believes that Simone's wheelchair behavior in combination to bring. In addition, she notes in the dispute between the eight girls on the one hand and Simon, on the other hand, a slight imbalance in the size of the team.

The main thing to have fun

Let's leave it at this point, after all, Heidi Klum has big plans for this episode. The first item on the agenda is the mandatory amfAR gala in New York, a charity event to raise funds to fight AIDS. Heidi Klum will take two teenage girls on a regular basis with the rich and the rich.

This year Vanessa and Cedilia have been chosen, which particularly likes Cäcilia for a very specific reason: "I will run on a red carpet!" That's what makes them and does not even worry that the carpet is gray.

But there is too much work. Here is a rapport with Kim Kardashian, a mobile video with Mila Yovovich and a lot of screams when you recognize someone from the radio and television. "We took heart what Heidi told us: just have fun," explains Vanessa, and it would be interesting if Klum told girls about what this gala was, except for fun with her.

Fun in the broadest sense is the theme of the subsequent "flash shooting" and, of course, Heidi Klum invented something very special: Paris Hilton. Okay, Heidi Klum did not invent Paris Hilton, and a picture that somehow involves Paris Hilton.

Pete Party with Paris Hilton

That's why Klum organizes a party for foams in the photo studio because Mrs. Hilton, according to self-discovery with the concept of the party and the funny habit, is very familiar. So, Mrs. Hilton holds the foam while the girls next to her, dressed like a balloon, try to get a model.

And as if this landscape was not absurd enough, there was something unpleasant as a spectator, as soap bubbles revolve in the foam on the side of Hilton as they try to pay attention to their hair. Rarely Nonsens was figuratively as well executed as at this moment.

Also, Cäcilia saw Hillton's priority as it began with a different cast of roles: "I thought it was for me, that's my picture, you are my accessory!" : "I'm sorry, I need to do my job here, cool!"

Whatever Heidi Klum hoped for Hilton's performance, he ended with a deep fall from the "First Girl in the World" of the GNTM Foam Holder. Maybe that's why Hilton's answer was so short when Vanessa met with enthusiasm that she had met with Kim Kardashian's sister and Hilton in amfAR's gala-apparatus.

Lena is "too much fun"

Now you might think that even Heidi Klum must be satisfied with the value of the shootings in the Gaga, but Klum wants more. So she searches for the decision to go a long way too deep in her strange bag and discovers that there is a real idea of ​​an explosion.

The girls would expect many challenges, Clum predicted, and the first challenge for girls might have been to keep serious when they were looking in the mirror. Klumsche's outfits for the walk-out are that the ladies, in addition to their clothes with a net filled with balloons on the head, should move around.

As Klum explains, balloons are something like a designer. Designers really have to be very humorous and you can imagine how much fun the GNTM people had to have while they were filming.

At the end of this "glamorous edition" he leaves Heidi Klum, visiting Hilton, whether he prefers Lena or Tatyana to send home. Hilton's choice falls on Lena, after all, if the launch of the foam is "too fun." Probably a one-time fee in the history of GNTM.

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